10 Behaviors to Indicate You That You May Have Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Symptoms! 11 Behaviors That Indicate You May Have Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Symptoms! 11 Behaviors That Indicate You May Have Bipolar Disorder

Also known as mood disorder and manic depressive personality disorder, bipolar disorder is a disease that is not literally treated. However, if you learn about bipolar symptoms, you can act and be more aware. Our content also contains items that you can use for bipolar disorder testing.

Symptoms Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, where emotions and thoughts fluctuate between the two opposite ends at certain frequencies, may differ from person to person in this regard. Even if you don't notice bipolar disorder, which can make life quite difficult for people suffering from this condition, it may also be yours. So what are the symptoms? Let's look at them all together.

1. To be extraordinarily cheerful / sad

It should not be forgotten that every person may be too happy or too sad from time to time, there is nothing as natural as this. However, if this happens frequently in your life, or when you are very happy, you suddenly become a sad mood, or if you are very happy at a time when you are sad, you are likely to be bipolar.

2. To be very unhappy with wearing even the smallest things

Although there are a lot of things that go well in your life, you are constantly worrying about things and if you always think about them, it may mean that you have bipolar disorder.

3. Sudden self-reliance and self-love

In the following process, these feelings are reversed and if you hate yourself and experience self-confidence, this is one of the serious symptoms. If you think you have these symptoms, it would be a good decision to see a psychiatrist. Remember, even if bipolar disorder is not a completely curable disease, you can minimize its effects as much as possible with the support of the people you love and a process under expert control.

4. Too little or too much sleep

Sleep disorders are generally seen as a symptom of bipolar disorder. If the person is in a mania situation, he may not be able to sleep at all or even get up again after 1-2 hours, if he is depressed, he may want to sleep constantly.

5. Failure to finish the started works

People with bipolar disorder often leave many jobs they start because they feel energetic when they are in the mania stage, when they go into depression.

6. To make very sudden decisions that may cause regret later

If you are shopping suddenly, you have to do a lot of money, invest a lot of money in chance games, or do things that affect your economic and social situation, such as suddenly leaving work, and if you do not understand why you are doing this then it may mean that you have bipolar disorder. Samples can be reproduced; For example, throwing one of your favorite clothes and saying "It was very bad" at once would be a similar behavior. In summary; We can generalize as making sudden and unreasonable decisions.

7. Having focus and attention problems

It is almost impossible to pay full attention to and focus on something, especially during the depression phase.

8. Start talking and thinking very suddenly

Especially if you don't normally have this kind of behavior, this sudden situation may indicate that you are in a mania stage.

9. Frequent going back and forth between being timid and frustrated

One of the symptoms is that when he feels shy for a moment, he immediately gets upset with reason or no reason and reveal it to those around you.

10. Being overwhelmed, misunderstanding everything called

In addition, if you think everyone is talking badly about you, all this means that you can be bipolar.

11. Substance abuse

An irresistible desire for drug abuse during your depression is also a symptom of bipolar disorder.

In addition, there is no problem in experiencing some of these situations from time to time, and you should experience almost all of these situations, even if not all of them, very often. Finally, bipolar disorder is not a disease to be cared for, it is difficult, not a simple situation that will be called "I have it too". If you are in doubt, you can go to the psychiatrist to have the necessary exams and find out if you really have bipolar disorder.