Top 7 Best Gardening Apps


7 useful gardening apps for your backyard and vegetable garden

We start again with the maintenance of a vegetable garden, or we start working in the (back) garden. What do you need to know about gardening? When should you repot your vegetables and what are the best conditions? DroidApp lists seven interesting and useful gardening apps for you so that your garden and vegetable garden must be a success.

Vegetable garden apps

With the nice weather coming up, we are happy to be back in the garden. We sow seeds for flowers, plants or vegetables. Maybe you don't have too green fingers, and you could use some help. Fortunately, you will find a large number of apps in the Google Play Store that can help you with this. DroidApp lists the 7 best garden apps for you.


Gardroid is an application that provides you with clear information about the seeds of the different vegetables. The app has a touch of Material Design and that makes the application a lot tighter. You will find information about whether you should plant a seed indoors or outdoors, which temperature is most suitable and the ideal (light) conditions. An indispensable application!

Garden Organizer app

This vegetable garden calendar, the Garden Organizer, helps you to give a reminder when it is time to sow, plant or harvest the seeds. You choose which seeds you want to sow or have sown. For the time being, this only concerns vegetables and herbs, not fruit. Then you can see how much water they need, along with when to plant them and how. The Garden Organizer app can also take into account, for example, the lunar calendar. Nice is that you can keep a virtual vegetable garden in the app.

The app is an extension of the website where you can track the progress of your vegetable garden. You can see in how many gardens the radish grows and how many times the other flowers and plants are planted. is a social network for gardening enthusiasts. With the app you can not only exchange knowledge, but also discover the gardens of other gardeners. You will also find useful information in the MyTuin app. Download


The Pokon app gives you information about growing the different vegetables and herbs in your vegetable garden. What is the best care for your plants and how high does a plant actually become? What is the best soil and how should you feed thyme, for example? In the Pokon app you get answers to these questions. In addition, the Pokon app also gives advice on pruning your lawn, making your orchids more beautiful; possibly supplemented with videos.

Pokon Download

Garden Manager

The Garden Manager app is an application in which you can add the various vegetables and flowers yourself. You set when they should have water, so that you receive a notification in time. You can also add an alarm for, for example, fertilizing or spraying. You can track the progress of the growth by photos that are saved in a log. Finally, you can also add memos in case there are details to report.

Garden Manager Download

Easy Vegetable Garden app

This application is mainly intended for those who use seeds of 'Easy Vegetable Garden' with the appropriate vegetable garden containers. The application focuses on the step-by-step explanation that helps you sow, care for plants and harvest. Thanks to the 'Easy Vegetable Garden App' this happens at the right time, in the right place and is made clear by means of illustrations.


With Gardenize you can create different 'areas' so that you have a direct picture of which seeds you want to keep an eye on. You see which seeds are in which area and you get useful information. Nice is that you can take a picture of your garden and draw over it. This way you can immediately mark where you have sown something. You can also share your garden and show which plants are on the way, and you can also add and follow friends.