What is Entrepreneurship? Who Is The Entrepreneur Called?


What is Entrepreneurship

What is entrepreneurship? This concept, in general terms, is the breakthrough made by the person who takes the risk and establishes a business for the purpose of profit. Entrepreneurship is a topic frequently mentioned in recent years. With the development of technology, people started to make strides to realize their projects. The fact that the working conditions in corporate companies are heavy and the idea of ​​making more money generally pushes people to make new ventures.
Who Is The Entrepreneur Called?

The entrepreneur is called the person who brings together the elements of production under the most profitable conditions in order to produce goods and services. It takes risks and realizes the business project. The entrepreneur earns money, but also produces economic value. It employs other people. The combination of talent, accumulation and courage creates the entrepreneur.
Qualifications Required by the Entrepreneur

One should be able to take firm but courageous steps in entrepreneurship and starting a business. He should start a business on the subject he trusts and has experience. Entrepreneur; be able to have foresight, to step back and start again when necessary, and to take full responsibility for what he does. In addition, he should be someone who can evaluate the results of his business well, is creative, optimistic and constantly generates new ideas. In general, the entrepreneur should be able to motivate others and have leadership qualities. People with a motivation and passion for success can be ideal entrepreneurs. In addition, these people should be able to see the opportunities available, love their job and be open to new ideas. These people like to work independently, identify areas of earnings well, invest for social purposes, they provide employment and want to establish business lines in parallel with their own abilities. When the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship examples are examined, it can be observed that these features are present.
Entrepreneurship Definitions of Brands

Apple entrepreneurship; defines old rules as skills that interpret and take action with contemporary innovations. Microsoft; It refers to the intersection of all actions focused on benefit and prestige. Pfizer; defines politics as a skill that does not settle with the individual and directs politics to the public interest action. Ikea; the understanding that considers the extraordinary methods that produce ideas. If Google is; expresses the talent that unites the past with the future and creates the present.