What is a VPN? What does it do?

Virtual Private Network

VPN , Virtual Private Network (Virtual Private Network) and the internet is a shortened version of the term in its most basic sense is another service that lets you connect via IP address. VPN secures your connection and encrypts your connection when connecting to any network, and ensures that your identity cannot be found. You can also connect to banned sites, restricted sites or IPs in your country through VPN again. It can also be used as a security system that does not allow third parties to see what you are doing, as the VPN system encrypts all the data you send and receive.

However, there is a problem that applications-companies that provide VPN services generally give you a trial period, and then they charge you additional fees to continue this as an uninterrupted, unlimited, fast service. It is also possible that you may experience a PING problem , since the server you are connecting to will probably be from different countries . If you find a VPN that provides free and fast internet, it may seem like a more logical use than the internet you actually use.

What does vpn do

What is VPN Used For?

 1.) Access to Restricted and Prohibited Sites

As you know, we have seen in the past that even legal sites with high traffic such as YouTube and Twitter were banned. Especially in these situations, people need VPN programs and services. Since VPN sends your address like in another country and encrypts the data, it allows you to connect without any restrictions or restrictions.

2.) Downloading files (Torrent etc.)

As you know, most Torrent sites are banned in our country. The reason for this is illegal file downloads. Although it slows down your speed while downloading files, using a VPN will be healthier for your security.

3.) Reaching the job or school network

Most remote jobs require connections to the addresses the company gives you for security reasons. Likewise, it is important to connect with VPN within the management of the school network.

4.) All Kinds of Privacy and Security

Security is an important factor in your internet use. You can choose VPN programs to prevent your important information, such as your bank information, from falling into third parties. With these programs, since your data will be encrypted, malicious people will not be able to access your information easily.