What is Whatsapp business? what does it do? How to install Whatsapp business?

what is whatsapp business

What is WhatsApp business?

WhatsApp launches a new app designed to be used by small businesses so they can connect with customers more easily. So what is WhatsApp business ? WhatsApp Business allows you to use basic features like custom work profiles for details such as email address, business description, store addresses and website ;

You can find smart messaging tools such as welcome message, quick reply and automatic message sending when not on the phone in WhatsApp business. You can also access statistical information on the number of messages sent and read. Those who use both a business number and a personal number can use WhatsApp Business and classic WhatsApp Messenger apps on the same device. WhatsApp Business is also compatible with WhatsApp Web, the desktop web browser client.

WhatsApp Business Fee

WhatsApp hopes that green tick marks will make businesses look more reliable and encourage companies to use the platform to communicate with their customers. When talking with a WhatsApp business account, the message bubbles will be yellow, so it will be understood that it is spoken with a business account.

Is WhatsApp business paid?

WhatsApp Business is free. WhatsApp has announced that it will not charge any fees for neither classic messenger nor WhatsApp business . However, using the phrase small businesses when promoting this application, Google will likely charge medium and large businesses a fee for this process soon. We know that Facebook, which bought WhatsApp about 3 years ago, has attempts to make money on WhatsApp.

Is WhatsApp business installed on iPhones?

We now know that WhatsApp business, which is only available for android devices, will be available within iPhones in a short time. Idema said the company is also an iPhone version.

How to install WhatsApp business?

WhatsApp business can be downloaded separately from google play since it runs independently from the other app, WhatsApp messenger. Therefore, a business owner can keep their personal chats separate from business messaging. Installing the app is very easy, download the WhatsApp business app to your phone via the Google Play Store. ( Download WhatsApp Business ) and complete the installation.
Features that come with Whatsapp business

How to install WhatsApp business

Features that come with Whatsapp business

  • Work Profiles:  Help your customers with useful information such as your business description, shop addresses, email address and website.
  • Messaging Tools:  Save time with smart messaging tools such as quick answers  to frequently asked questions  , welcome messages to introduce customers to your business,   and away messages that say you're busy  .
  • Messaging Statistics:  See what's working with simple statistics like the number of messages read.
  • WhatsApp Web:  You can send and receive messages on your desktop with WhatsApp Business.
  • Account Type: Since you will  be listed as a Business Account, people will know they are talking to a business. Over time, some businesses that have been confirmed to have account phone numbers matching business phone numbers will have Verified Accounts.how to use whatsapp business.