10 tips to get an instant Christmas feeling!


How we Celebrate Christmas

In the old days, when you set up the Christmas tree with your mother, put on Christmas carols, balls from the attic, it just happened to you. Without having to do your best, it was there: the Christmas feeling. Now that you are an adult, and not as carefree as when you were little, it is sometimes more difficult to experience that magical feeling. However, with the 10 tips below (which always work for me!) It becomes a breeze.

What is it really, that Christmas feeling?

What is it really, that Christmas feeling? I think you can best describe it as a feeling of excitement, excitement, and happiness, thanks in part to the cold winter weather (and maybe even snow) leading up to Christmas.

I have asked some friends and acquaintances what exactly that Christmas feeling is for them, and it actually turns out not to be described very well. It often starts when the days get shorter and the weather is bleak. People think of sitting comfortably indoors, while it is cold and dark outside.
Christmas is Fun

Christmas is Fun

The lights in the city. The fun of decorating the tree, buying a new outfit and the excitement for the party and giving the nice gifts you just bought (or getting it!). A word that everyone mentions when the Christmas feeling is described is the ├╝berholland word 'coziness'. In addition, many people talk about warmth and security and a special atmosphere.

As a child, that atmosphere was created for you, you were drawn into the preparations for the party. As an adult, you have to create that atmosphere yourself. But with these tips, that will certainly succeed in the coming weeks!

Visit a Christmas market or garden center

If there is one thing that will get you into the Spirit of Christmas instantly, it is a visit to a Christmas market or the Christmas show of a garden center. Here's a list of cool Christmas events to visit, and here are the reports of Christmas shows we've been to this year. There must be something nice for you! It makes me happy every time I walk into such a garden center, hear the music and the Christmas balls sparkle towards me.
Visit a Christmas market or garden center

2. Have a nice Christmas craft

Cleverly crafting with Christmas music at a neighborly quarrel position, it makes you forget time completely and get into the now. Worry away, just focus on the craftwork for you. Making Christmas pieces is also an excellent way to get creative. And you immediately have something nice to put on the table. Double Christmas feeling. We have a ton of creative blogs here on Christmaholic if you want to get inspired. I would say: plan a creative afternoon and enjoy it!

3. Get Christmas inspiration

Get inspired for your own Christmas at home by browsing Pinterest, browsing Christmaholic, or reading fun magazines or cookbooks, for example. Many magazines release a special Christmas edition of their magazine (especially the cooking magazines). And of the living, cooking and lifestyle magazines that are released monthly, the Christmas editions are already in the shops during this month!

Christmas cooking magazines

Make a list or pin board on Pinterest of everything you like. There are also many Christmas decorations and party clothes in the stores. Preparing is preparing for fun! And anticipation = Christmas feeling. Delicious!

4. Bake delicious Christmas cookies (and eat them)

Christmas cookies, Christmas baking, Christmas sweets ... Baking alone is a pleasure. And eating it makes up for it. Here you will find a collection of recipes for delicious Christmas baking . Especially these Christmas cookies are my personal favorite. Of course, you also put on Christmas music (and a Santa hat on your head, because why not). Enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream or winter tea or a tasty Christmas cocktail. Divine!
Go buy gifts, wrap them or give one already

5. Go buy gifts, wrap them or give one already

I think buying and giving gifts is one of the best things about Christmas. Why wait until late December to buy it? Tasty atmospheric packaging and placing it under the tree also helps a lot. And giving is also possible before, just in the meantime a winter gift. Don't hold back!

Wrap Christmas presents with brown paper and clear foil

Do you really want to surprise your loved one or a friend? Then make an advent calendar with 24 presents, of which he or she can unpack one every day from 1 to 24 December. You can enjoy that in the coming weeks. And in December you will receive a happy WhatsApp every day with a photo of the gift that was unpacked that day. Really so much fun!

6. Plan a Christmas shopping trip (abroad)

Okay, this tip is only possible if you have a little more budget. But you get a real instant Christmas feeling when you walk through fairy-tale illuminated London or New York to do your Christmas shopping there. I tell you, Christmas feeling, check! But also many Dutch and Belgian cities are super fun to visit on a cold autumn day. For example, I think Hague is a must, but shopping in Maastricht is great.

7. Go to the snow!

Cold and snow, you really get the jitters. The Christmas jitters, that is. If you live in the South of the country, like me, a day trip to the Ardennes, where there is often some snow in December, is of course ideal. But also the German Winter berg is easy to ride on a weekend. Can you spend another night in a chalet, perfect?

All too far away? Then go skiing or snowboarding at an indoor snow track or skating somewhere on the market in the center of your city or village. Incidentally, you can also only apres-ski or cheese fondue at most indoor ski slopes, such as Snow world, with a view over the snow track.

8. Decorate your home in a Christmas atmosphere

Put on your Christmas tree in advance! Lovely that atmosphere in the house, all those lights, the decoration. Your house is never cozier than it is now. Do you think it's a little early? Most people wait until after Sinterklaas to decorate, and I don't put the tree up until December. But what stops you from doing some decoration now? Put a bowl of Christmas balls on the table, hang some lights on the wall, just a bit of fun in the house. Instant Christmas atmosphere!

9. Write & send real Christmas cards

I still love writing and sending real Christmas cards. But I enjoy receiving Christmas cards at least as much! If you feel like doing something completely creative and original, you can of course make your own Christmas cards. Here we have listed all kinds of tips & ideas for making Christmas cards. You can go completely!
 Overpower all your senses at Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas

10. Overpower all your senses at Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas

Still not successful with all these tips? Then it's time for an overdose of Christmas for all your senses! You have to taste, smell, feel, see and hear ... The Christmas feeling is an experience. If you stimulate all the senses, you really cannot ignore it.

Bake or cook something that really reminds you of Christmas, such as Christmas wreaths or a delicious piece of game with cranberry sauce. Get some fresh Christmas greenery in your home or spray fake pine scent into your home (yes, there is!). Curl up on the couch under a warm blanket with a good book while playing Christmas carols on the radio (Sky Radio The Christmas Station!) Or watch such a delicious Christmas movie on Netflix. Because they are already there enough, look here for a top 10. And important: do it all (about) at the same time, for an extra-large (over) dose of Christmas. Go, go, go!

They were, my 10 tips for an instant Christmas feeling. Which tips work best for you? Maybe you should try them out. Or perhaps there is still an indispensable tip not at all? Will you let us know in the comments below?