Free Video calling with Google Meet

Free Video calling with Google Meet

Google Meet temporarily for free

Everyone will soon be able to make free video calls with Google Meet. The service normally costs money, but can be used temporarily free of charge. In this article we explain how it works.

Google announces this through a press release. Google Meet has long been available to people with a G Suite account, such as students and business users. All you need to start video calling is a Google account. You can create this for free. To start a free video call via Google Meet:

Go to the Google Meet waiting list in your browser or install and open the Android app;
If necessary, log in to your Google account with your login details;
Create a new meeting yourself and invite others, or join another digital meeting organized by someone else;

Then decide whether you want to make video calls or if you prefer just audio.

Normally Google Meet costs money, but until September 30, 2020 no costs are charged. The service will be rolled out to everyone in the coming weeks. Are the above steps still unsuccessful? Then you probably have to wait a while before you are admitted. By signing up for the Google Meet waiting list, you will receive a message as soon as the service has been activated for you.

Video calling: these are the options

Google Meet is a video calling program. It does not matter what device your colleagues, family or friends use, because the application is available for all platforms, including Android and Windows. It is also possible to share your screen, so that other participants can watch and give feedback, for example.

Providers of video calling apps are experiencing golden times thanks to the many sitting at home. In recent weeks, we have written a lot on Android Planet about all the ways to still have contact with each other remotely. For example, Houseparty is ideal for organizing digital house parties.


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