How to Question DA - PA? DA - PA Inquiry Sites

How to Question DA - PA? DA - PA Inquiry Sites

DA - PA checker

The term we call DA - PA is a system developed by Moz, similar to Alexa and showing the value of your site. So how much do you know about Domain Authority (DA)? DA value, which shows your power in search engines and shows the value of your domain name, is of great importance for every site owner today.

Your DA value also shows you the effect of your SEO work. So how and where is DA questioned? From which sites or sites is Domain Authority queried?

What is PA?

The term we call PA is short for Page Authority. Although the PA value seems similar to DA, it is not the same. The PA value handles page values. For example: If your domain name has a value of 15, your PA value may be 20 to 30. The reason for this is that a lot of your content is shared on social media.

DA - PA Value Inquiry

You can learn your values ​​free of charge on the MOZ site to query your DA and PA values . If you want to use more features through MOZ, you will need to purchase paid packages. You can instantly learn your values ​​with the websites named Da Pa checker. To find values ​​in a free way, you can search for words like Free Mozrank Checker or Free Mozrank words on Google.

So what are DA - PA Inquiry sites?

You can quickly and easily learn your DA and PA values ​​from the following sites;

The most popular and preferred among these sites
An alternative site -

You can take a look at these sites where we can learn Da and Pa values.