Is Aliexpress Safe?

Is Aliexpress Safe?

What is Aliexpress

When we want to shop online, we come across a variety of sites. When we search for the product we want on Google, one of the first websites we come across is Aliexpress . This site is of interest to us with its assortment of products and affordable prices, but we also have questions about whether it is safe or not. So, is Aliexpress safe? How do we shop from this site? Most importantly, is shopping with Aliexpress credit card safe? In this guide, we have tried to answer all these and similar questions.

As one of the most visited e-commerce sites in the world, Aliexpress has around 3 million suppliers, almost 99% of which are Chinese. There are easy ways to shop safely from this site.

First you have to be a member of the site. It is also possible to create your membership on Facebook . However, we recommend you to subscribe directly to the site due to the privacy and security vulnerabilities Facebook has recently given. Then, we come to the topics that you should pay attention to in terms of safety when choosing a product. For example, let's talk about phones. In the researches on this site, we see that the question “Is Aliexpress safe to buy a phone” is frequently asked. Yes, if it is a safe, but adaptive seller;

The seller must have sold too many of that product

If the seller meets these terms, you can purchase the product. However, do not forget to check the product before making a purchase is transmitted to Pakistan. Another thing to note is that the cargo is free. Otherwise, you can pay very high shipping prices. With free shipping , the products you choose will reach you in 21-45 days. If you don't speak English, choose the version of the site tailored to English.

When Shopping on Ali Express:

You can leave a note to the seller when shopping on Aliexpress . For example, you can ask the seller to send your product in a gift package, ask you to send the shipping tracking number to you when the product is shipped, ask for the product invoice to be low in order not to get caught by customs, or just send your thanks. If you don't speak English, you can use Google Translate. We have already mentioned that 99% of the sellers are Chinese, and they will read what you wrote using translate. So you don't have to feel pressured to use perfect English.

Let's come to credit card security. We can say that Aliexpress is extremely safe in this regard . This site, which has the largest trade volume in the world, has taken many high-level measures to ensure the security of your credit card. Considering the worst case scenario, even if your nursery card information is stolen, you can always apply to your bank to ensure that the price is blocked and returned to your credit card. Banks in our country have a highly developed system for fraud. So you don't have to worry.

After creating your order, the process of waiting for your product begins. Since your product will come from a very remote place, the waiting period is excessive. You can see this as a price for cheap shopping. Seller should legally ship your product 3 days after you place an order. If you see that your product is not shipped from your order detail page, you can remind the seller. You can also ask the seller for the cargo tracking number. Products sent with free shipping are distributed with PTT cargo. You can inquire where your product is from the international cargo tracking page of PTT cargo. If your product does not arrive to you within the expected time, you can request a refund by contacting the seller.