Health disadvantages of coffee drinking

Health disadvantages of coffee drinking

The top 10+ of proven health disadvantages of Coffee Drinking

The idea that coffee is unhealthy and even sickening has many supporters. I myself only drank one cup of coffee a day, because otherwise I will 'bounce'.

The last week I have delved into the disadvantages of coffee and honestly: they don't lie! It made me decide to write a blog about that topic again. Especially when people proudly emailed me that they started drinking a lot of coffee through the previous blog, for their health. So having a health blog also means a great responsibility.

Here I write about The top 10 plus of proven health disadvantages of coffee

Coffee reduces blood flow

Coffee can raise 'bad' cholesterol (LDL).

Coffee can be an attack on your liver

Coffee can lead to anemia

Coffee contains the carcinogenic acrylamide

Coffee Can Raise Your Blood Pressure

Caffeine can make you anxious

Coffee can give you a headache

Coffee often contains carcinogenic aflatoxins.

Coffee makes you more stressed

Coffee is a drug

The quality of your sleep deteriorates.

Coffee does not replenish your moisture content

You see there are also enough disadvantages about coffee. Actually, you can say good and bad about all foods. What is the truth now? Scientific studies are often revised afterwards. Trust your own body. Every person is different. How do you react to coffee? How does it feel?

I have been phasing out the coffee for over a week now. Just for fun, as an experiment. I do this by replacing my two scoops of coffee with one with caffeine and one without. I like it already. My energy level is more constant. For the time being I will continue to quit, but I don't know if this will continue to be the case. For now I like this reduction. I wonder what happens when I completely quit coffee (and therefore no tea with caffeine). I think it is a pity, because I love the taste of fresh coffee. But yes, you have to do something for your health right?