Best PUBG Pc FPS Settings

Best PUBG Pc FPS Settings

PUBG Pc FPS Settings

PUBG Pc FPS Setting means 'frames per second'. The higher this number, the better the gaming experience. To achieve the best FPS, professional PUBG players optimize both gaming devices ( especially PC ) and in-game PUBG settings to reach the highest FPS possible.

As a general rule, you should aim for 60 FPS if you want the best gaming performance and smooth squares. If your device has some system limitations, target an FPS not less than 30. This should still be playable. The advantages of high FPS are the faster rendering of graphics, smoother motion, minimal lag or no lag, and better video and graphic details.

Some of the best PUBG FPS Settings:

Mouse Sensitivity Settings. Your mouse can greatly affect the frames per second because it is the only actively used device when playing games. Therefore, you need to optimize your mouse settings such as system acceleration, DPI (dots per inch), vertical precision, and general sensitivity for changing game views. We wrote a complete guide on this topic and you can read it separately here: Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Pro Sensitivity Settings

Screen resolution. You have to set this up on your PC and in-game. For most gaming computers, 1920 X 1080 resolution is the best. If you're projecting the game on a larger plug-in screen, you can try different screen solutions until you find the best setting that matches your screen settings.
Screen brightness. If you want to see more complex details of the game, the 50-70 level is the best. If the brightness of your screen is too low, it is difficult to distinguish between the color of the terrain and your enemies acting hidden.

Anti-aliasing. This setting is designed to make your graphics more realistic by correcting jagged edges on the screen. While this is a good technique to make your graphics look more realistic, it can really lower your overall FPS. You can set this to Low

Window mode and screen scale. Set the window mode to “ Full Screen” and the screen scale to 100. This allows the game to use every inch of your screen. It is similar to the 'zoom' feature. For example, if you're watching low-resolution graphics on a high-resolution screen, you may encounter a blurry screen. Appropriate window mode and screen scale settings prevent this from happening.

How to Increase FPS and Optimize PUBG Pc;

Now PUBG Pc 'also to create better games and talk about some of the better ways to increase fps Let's optimize your computer. Here we go:

How is FPS shown in PUBG?

To change the basic graphics settings that affect FPS in PUBG, follow these steps:
Install the game
Go to settings ''
Select the Graphics tab
Scroll down and look for 'Advanced Settings'.
Change settings
You can use the following settings as a guide. Optimal levels or options will still depend on the features of your gaming device. But as a general rule, the following settings in the PUBG interface will help improve your FPS. Use them as a base:

Best PUBG Pc FPS Settings

Display Scale: 100-103
Post-Processing: Low
Shadows: Low
Textures: High
Effects: Very Low
Foliage: Very Low
View Distance: Very Low
V-Sync: Off
Motion Blur: Off

Control how your personal stats change with new optimal settings and compare your new and old in-game feelings.