PUBG Best mouse DPI Settings Here!

PUBG Best mouse DPI Settings Here!

What are the DPI Settings?

In addition to mouse sensitivity, you also need to adjust your DPI settings. DPI stands for “dots per inch”. This has to do with the number of pixels your mouse will cover for every inch you carry on your mouse pad.

For example, if your setting is 1,000 DPI, your mouse will move 1,000 pixels in the game for every 1 inch you carry on the mouse pad.

A higher DPI setting, the mouse pad I needed at a lower event was associated with a lower DPI, the mouse to be more effective or probably means that you need to acquire a larger mouse pad.

Different players will have different DPI settings preferences. For example, those who are accustomed to larger mouse pads and larger displays tend to prefer lower DPI settings. Some players are more accustomed to doing a wide variety of arm movements and therefore place their DPI on the lower end.

On the other hand, players on smaller laptops or mousepads tend to prefer higher DPI settings.
Best DPI Settings

Still, although the DPI settings should be based on a particular user's preference, here are some recommended DPI settings that you can use as a guide for better gaming experience and more efficient performance:

Approximately 90% of PUBG experts have set their DPI to 800 or lower. . 8 00 is a moderate DPI setting, but not so high that you won't lose control every time you move your mouse. For best results, it's best to avoid over 1,000 DPI levels. If you do this, you will have more difficulty examining your surroundings and maintaining vision control.

Great if you have a larger mouse pad or playing you prefer to do arm movements, you may want to set your DPI to at least 400. This will ensure that your mouse view doesn't move too much with very little movement. pillow.

The final DPI setting will still depend on your personal preference and equipment.