Happy mother’s day to all mothers in the world

People celebrate the world mother’s day

People Celebrate the World Mother’s day

Mother’s day Celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year since 1908. "Who is the person we value most in life?" If we ask, the answer is clear. It is mother, father, brother, wife. In the near future, Mother's Day will be celebrated. This year all would be celebrated Mother's Day in May. Those who want to make special plans for Mother's Day as the Mother's Day approaches
People celebrate the world mother’s day

Why is Mother's Day Celebrated?

Mother's Day is a dedicated day for our mothers to know their value while they are alive. It is celebrated to make them happy and to express our gratitude for their labor. It aims to provide a happy day to mothers who avoid their children every day of the year, who endure all kinds of sacrifices for them, and support every good and bad moment, even if it is a day of the year.

Mother's Day is a special day, which is celebrated to thank our mothers for bringing us to this day and to reflect our love for them. Mother's Day, which is a universal day celebrated in many countries in the world, may differ from country to country in history.

When Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day is celebrated on different days on Earth. but commonly in the second week of May.

Mother’s Day The First Time In The World?

The history of this special day is very old. There are 3 answers to the question of how the Mother's Day emerged from different sources.

According to the Wikipedia page; The first Mother's Day mentioned is the " Mothering Sunday " celebrations that started between the 16th and 17th centuries. Unlike today's Mother's Day, a religious celebration was held on this day. Three weeks before Easter, it was celebrated with the passage of time in the church with the mothers and other family members of the Catholic and Protestant Christians. Although it is a very different day with Mother's Day, it is possible to state that this day laid the foundation of Mother's Day.

According to a mythological story, Mother's Day comes from the annual spring festival celebrations given by the Ancient Greeks in honor of Rhea, the mother of many gods and goddesses.

Mother's Day Activities

Mother's Day is also important as a celebration day, where mothers are not mentioned with just a gift, and special plans are made to spend a nice day for mothers. As the weather gets warmer in the second week of May, special celebration plans for Mother's Day are carried to the open air. Mother's Day can be celebrated in a more colorful way with different activities such as special breakfast offers offered by some restaurants, and daily tours organized by tour companies.

Many countries mother’s day different dates:

While 15 countries with countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, and Azerbaijan celebrated Mother's Day on March 8, almost all Arab countries preferred the March of Equinox.

Gifts On Mother's Day

What gifts can we get for Mother's Day? A few gifts for mothers.

1) Buket Çicek
2) Box Chocolate (special chocolate, flower places)
3) Small Home Appliances
4) Glassware, Kitchenware
5) Clothing
6) Jewelry (Necklace, Earring, Watch ... etc.)
7) Photo Frame
8) Wall Clock
9) Special Award Plaques for Mothers (mother of the year, you are my star, etc.)

Mother's Day Messages


Thanks to Mother's Day, which has spread all over the world in time, it becomes an official day to honor our mothers once a year.

How many days are left until Mother's Day? ” As soon as questions are asked, many surprises come to mind in order to make mothers happy. In fact, the theme of this special day is maternal love. For this reason, the expectation of the mothers is to spend as much time with their children and feel their love.