Top 15+ Mistakes in Google AdSense


Top Mistakes in Google AdSense

Some users disagree with Terms of Use, but others try to do various tricks to increase ad revenues others are really.

They make some usage Mistakes without realizing that these are things that can be forgiven for Google. Let’s look at the mistakes made by Google AdSense users.

Click on Ads by Family or Friends:

Never click or direct your own AdSense ads to click through. You know this method very well. The number of people who click on AdSense ads by telling your friends or family members is not less but Google is very clever about it. In fact, it is not very difficult to detect this process. If the number of people who directly enter the site address and click on the ad is high, then your under follow up and as you know so your Google account can be closed and if your account is closed you will not be able to open an AdSense account for that site and on behalf of the registered person again.

Never Change Google AdSense Codes:

Never change Google AdSense Codes. There are many ways to organize and optimize your AdSense codes. Do not try to change the code given to you in different settings. This is against the AdSense rules. Follow the rules, do not falsify the AdSense codes on your site. You will be noticed in a short time and the codes will stop working.

Do Not Exceed the limits:

Do not exceed the limits. Don’t create more than 3 ad slots. More than 3 links areas, or more than 2 Google search areas on any page. Even if you create ads will not be displayed in these areas anyway. But be careful though. Don’t go beyond the rules.

Do not post similar Ads:

Do not post similar ads from a competitor on the page where you use Google AdSense. This process, which was completely prohibited until recently, can now be applied as long as the ads are not similar. Google allows this, but with the condition that the ads of different companies are not similar. But be careful not to compare the structure of the links on your page to the AdSense link structure. Do not use a search engine supported by another search engine on a page where you use Google search offered by AdSense.

Do not Show Confidential Information:

Do not display information that should remain confidential about your account on the internet your personal information such as CTR, CPM, and your income status is private to you, so keep it private . If you are looking for ad AdSense data to show others’, you can show your total income.
Do not use titles other than advertising or sponsors many sites offer AdSense ads under different headings and efforts are made to click on ads in different ways. Do not go this way. If you deem it necessary, expressions like our sponsors or advertising space will work.

Never open AdSense Account in Different Windows:

Never try to open Google ads in a different window. Never do that, even though there are sites that do this with some edits or CSS codes in AdSense codes. Google AdSense detected in a short time.

Do Not Create Multiple Different Accounts:

No need to create multiple different accounts. For example, if you have 5 different sites, you don’t need to create different AdSense accounts for each. You can be sure that this work will not work if your site is trying to save others when your Google AdSense membership is canceled. Google AdSense has the ability to detect your related sites in a short time through clicks and channels. Therefore, if an account is closed, all your accounts will be closed.

Place ads only on pages with content:

Place ads only on pages with content. Since Google AdSense is a system that serves ads based on the content, you will get more feedback when your place ads on the included pages. So don’t place an AdSense ad on a membership page, login page, or welcome pages you have opened.

Do not try to hide items in advertisements:

Do not try to hide items in advertisements you may have noticed that on many sites, the color of Google AdSense ads and the ground are the same. In some sites, AdSense ads are hidden behind images with CSS methods or behind links that are more likely to be clicked (download, read more). Stay away from these processes. If you are detected, your membership will be canceled.

Do not use your Google AdSense ads:

Do not use your Google AdSense ads on your mailing. Although HTML-looking mailing may look good and allow the use of scripts, Google AdSense terms of use do not allow you to use your AdSense codes in the mailing. Let us state that this point is especially followed.

Does not allow the use of codes:

Consider your content. As you may know, Google AdSense does not allow the use of codes on sites with some content. So doesn’t worry try to mount your AdSense codes to mp3, video, newsgroups or images search results. In addition, the use of AdSense is illegal in sites that contain content that contains content, violence, hatred or illegal content.

Should not access any other content:

Your visitors should not access any other content after clicking on the ads. Be especially careful with this. Visitors to your site should not have to click on ads before going to the page they are looking for. Be careful not to use the frame. Likewise, do not follow the methods by which your visitors can access the actual content by clicking on the advertisement.

Avoid excessive advertising and keywords usage:

Avoid excessive advertising and keywords usage. Although it is certain how many Google AdSense ads can appear on a page, don not show excessive AdSense ads on your pages unless it is necessary. Similarly, do not exaggerate the tags used on the page. Be careful not to use too many keywords as AdSense will serve ads based on the content. Google is still the most successful system that will bring you the most visitors from search engines and earn more from advertising.

Site content matches the languages:

Make sure your site content matches the languages used by AdSense. Google AdSense publishes in Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, German, Norwegian, English, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese and Turkish.

Not to use alternative advertising links:

Be careful not to use alternative advertising links. Many sites advertising content such as Chitika allows an alternative link to the ad page if the advertisers' page does not open when the ad is click. This page often causes the visitor to be directed to another page of other advertisements. Although AdSense has the ability to provide alternative ad links instead of general ads, do not use this feature.

Use adjacent image ads and text ads:

Do not use adjacent image ads and text ads. To increase ad page impressions, it may be a good idea to show image ads as much as the number of text ads used on the page. However, do not do this by using adjacent image and text ads and presenting the text ad as if it were a description of the image. Do not fold the visitor, it should be understood that the advertisement is advertising.