6 Best Ad Blockers for Android to Save Your Mobile Apps

6 Best Ad Blockers for Android to Save Your Mobile Apps

Adblockers for Android How to Set them up

Blocking advertisements not only saves battery, but also data. In this article, we show you what an adblocker is and how you can set it up on your Android smartphone.

The best ad blocker for Android

Blocking advertisements is controversial. Adblockers make the internet experience better for Android users but deprive websites of revenue. Do you find a website, such as Android Planet, worth it? Then it helps enormously to place it on the so-called 'whitelist'. You create an exception in Adblock, so that the website continues to earn income by displaying advertisements. You will usually find this option in your Android adblocker settings.

1. Browsers with adblockerBrave browser

The Play Store prescribes that blocking advertisements is not permitted. Many adblockers for Android can therefore not be downloaded in the official store. You can download and install them manually outside the Play Store. For most users, it is, therefore, most convenient to use a browser with a built-in ad blocker. These are namely 'just' in the Play Store.

Popular browsers that (can) block advertisements include Brave, Firefox Focus and Opera. These apps automatically silence advertisements so that you can browse in peace. Moreover, blocking advertisements is beneficial for your data bundle, because websites are less demanding. Do you use Firefox? Then you must first install an add-on. Are you a Google Chrome user? This browser only blocks violent, penetrating advertisements. Advertisements that, according to Google, can go wrong and do not disturb you (too much) are therefore shown.

2. Ad Shield

Would you rather not change your browser, but would like to exclude advertisements? Then Ad Shield is a must. This program blocks advertisements in most browsers and works on both Wi-Fi and mobile data networks. Ad Shield blocks advertisements in all shapes and sizes but occasionally lets an advertisement through. You can then add this to the filter, after which the advertisement will be blacklisted.

Ad Shield works with most popular apps, but to get the most out of the program, the makers recommend downloading Yandex, a relatively unknown browser. A disadvantage of Ad Shield is that the app does not normally stop advertisements from apps, such as YouTube. The program also costs (a little) money.

3. Adblock Browser for Android

Do you prefer a separate Adblocker browser for Android, but you don't feel like too much trouble? Then you have to go to the Adblock Browser. This app was created by the team behind Adblock Plus, a popular adblocker for the computer. Adblock Plus works as usual. After starting the app, advertisements automatically disappear like snow in the sun.

Adblock Browser can also easily take over all your favorites and other settings from your existing browser. The app also has an incognito mode and loads pages faster than other browsers, according to the developers. This is because advertisements are not only hidden but blocked before they are downloaded at all. Finally, Adblock Browser blocks trackers. These files keep an eye on your internet use and sell this information to advertisers, data traders and other shadowy figures.

4. AdGuard

Can you handle Apk files and are you looking for an adblocker for your computer, smartphone, and tablet? Then AdGuard is an interesting program. The app namely blocks ads thoroughly without needing root access. Moreover, the program is available for almost all platforms.

The operation of AdGuard is somewhat technical. The program opens a so-called VPN connection to fool ads. It comes down to you not seeing any advertisements while browsing. AdGuard has a free and paid version. By paying 25 euros annually, advertisements are not only deleted in the browser, but also in other apps (such as YouTube). You can also use AdGuard on three devices simultaneously.

The Android adblocker is not in the Play Store but must be downloaded as apk file from the AdGuard website. This sounds more complicated than it is. Not sure how to do this? Then read our manual for installing apk files on Android. Here we explain in detail how this works.

5. Blokadaadblocker android blokada

Blokada is just like AdGuard an open-source solution to stop advertisements, but for free. Unlike AdAway, see below, you don't need root access for Blokada. The app is surprisingly complete and blocks advertisements in both apps and websites. Moreover, it does not matter whether you use the internet via a Wi-Fi internet or mobile data on the road.

The app works roughly the same as AdGuard, although the results differ per user. The only way to find out which adblocker suits you best is to try them out. In any case, Blokada is a pretty in-depth program that even lets you block individual advertising networks. The app also shows on the home screen how many advertisements have already been blocked. Like AdGuard, you must install Blokada outside of the Play Store as an Apk file.

6. AdAway

AdAway is an Android adblocker for the technically skilled user. The app needs root access. Hereby a system file from Android is adapted to the so-called hosts' file. By processing all the domain names of advertising sites herein with an IP address that leads nowhere, your smartphone cannot connect at all to download advertisements. Quite a drastic solution, but very effective.

Does the above sound like abracadabra to you? We don't blame you. AdAway is only recommended for technically skilled people and hobbyists among us. On the other hand, this form of blocking advertisements requires the least of your battery and also produces the best results. Moreover, it is free and you can largely adjust the program.