Top 10 Games for Android Tablets


Games for Android Tablets

Android tablets have attracted millions of users thanks to their large liquid crystal displays, games, and many other graphics features that are not available on Android mobile phones. And yes, Android tablets have larger screens, so players can enjoy games on a larger, sharper interface while the control options are just as correct. Hundreds of games are available online, users can download them easily. However only a few are really worth it. For you, we've put together a list of the top ten games available online for Android tablets. This rundown is arranged in dropping a request.

Top 10 Online Games for Android Tablets

10. Sharyland's

Price: Free
This puzzle game is well known to Android users. In this game you will enter a monster world, you will have to solve many mysteries and puzzles. The background music is also very engaging. Thanks to its great features you will love this game!

09. Game of War

Price: Free
The war has just started and you may well be the victim. You are the protector of your castle, to do this you must train your army. Use your warrior skills, manage all the traps that are going to be set for you and set off on the path to success!

08. The Real Racing 03

Price: Free
A surprising racing game including real-world-inspired races like the one in Dubai. This game will give you the opportunity to screech your tires on world-class tracks.

07. Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Price: Free
Yet another very nice game in which you have to collect different cards. This will increase your ranking, so you can build your own Desk, take control of battlefields and summon your Minions (slaves). This game allows several players to play at the same time if one uses their tablet and if the other plays simultaneously from their PC.

06. Candy Crush Game

This game will make you very hungry with its tasty candies and its musical atmosphere which is super well developed. You'll love this game. Get this game for free with over 15 additional levels, which means there are now over 1025 levels! Isn't that great news?

05. Angry Birds

Price: Free
Click on link 1
As soon as it was released, this game climbed the stages very quickly and was very successful in a very short time. The latest version of this game allows users to play with the game pigs. The goal is to free the pigs from the castle with the help of the "Angry Birds". In addition to that, Angry Birds Stella Pop allows users to pop bubbles of color in order to release these famous pigs by dropping them.

04. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Warner Bros International released its fighting game on June 25, 2015. This game includes all of the basic game options and modes. The user must compose a team of three players who will then have to fight with the three characters of the opposing team. All of its features are truly superb and have been cleverly designed.

03. The Pebbled

Price: Free
Another game very popular with tablet users. In this game, you have to target the bubbles of the same color which then burst and disappear, just like with Candy Crush. However, a bad decision can make your life a lot more difficult. The score increases gradually as the levels and you will have to burst more and more bubbles.

02. Dead Trigger 02

Price: Free
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Dead Trigger 2 is a game for Android tablets that features great graphics and beautiful animations. As the name suggests, it is a shooting game in which the player has to kill the zombies in a quite fun way. The latest version of the game was released on July 07, 2015. You have to explore the whole world and you can kill zombies with more than 37 types of weapons.

01. The Bad Land

Price: Free
It is one of the most interesting innovations among Android games. There are more than 100 levels to pass and this game is full of amazing features. It was rated 5/5 by App Smile and 9.2 / 10 by

Top 10 Paid Games for Android Tablets

10. Republic

In this game, you play as a woman who, in a strange environment, has to move strategically in order to get out of certain situations.

09. Transport Tycoon

Price: $ 6.99
This game is perfect for transport lovers. You can use all types of vehicles and planes to carry out missions. Click on one of the links below to get the game right away.

08. Game of Thrones

This game works according to the principles of the series and you will have to interact and communicate with a large number of characters from the TV series in order to advance in the game. It is a strategic game in which you have to listen to the characters in order to understand the story. The décor of the game is absolutely fantastic. It requires an available space of 1 GB minimum and a 1.2 GHz processor.

07. Anomaly 02

This amazing game gives you the opportunity to test your strategy instinct. You must protect your tower from outside attacks and can also compose your troops to fight.

06. Baldur's Gate

Price: $ 89-44.99
This game was actually a PC game that was adapted for tablets in 2014 with all its great features. The controls are still as manageable. This strategic game is complex, so it will take you a long time to finish it.

05. Tales from the Borderlands

Price: $ 4.99
Two friends find money on a beach and decide to keep it. But, the adventure has only just begun … Download it to find out what happens next!

04. Riptide GP2

Price: $ 1.99
Heat your jet water jet and put your piloting skills to the test by splitting a torrent of dynamic waves in constant evolution. Build a collection of powerful ships and customize their performance and styles.

03. Monument Valley

Price: $ 3.99
The game revolves around a silent princess who wants to explore each geometric architecture in order to bring innovation and solutions. In 2015, this game was rated 5/5 by "Touch Arcade" and is magnificent.

02. Portal and Half-Life 2

Price: $ 29.99
Previously, this great classic was a game that was played on PC. It has now been adapted for Android tablets by NVIDIA.

01. Limbo

Price: $ 12.99
This game was voted the best Android game of the year. In this game, you play as a child who is looking for his sister. She has been captured and is being held by scary monsters. During his search, the boy enters the world of Limbe's. This game received over 100 awards in 2015 and has received over 5000 ratings. It is a perfect game which also presents a breathtaking décor.

Five Sites to Find Games

You can now download these Android games from anywhere using the following links. These websites will guide you through the free and paid games available on Android.