Coronavirus appear in Pakistan and India latest death reports chart of coronavirus

Coronavirus appear in Pakistan and India latest death reports chart of coronavirus

Highlights of Coronavirus

  • New coronavirus infection in India
  • Cases of new coronavirus appear in Pakistan
  • About new corona virus infections
  • Following symptoms, please Contacts Consultation Center
  • About domestic and foreign outbreaks Country / Region, confirmed cases, Death cases
  • "Transmission Route" is  and also " Contagious power"
  • "General symptoms and risk of exacerbation"

 Five suspected cases of new coronavirus appear in Pakistan

According to local media reports in Pakistan, on January 26, local time, new suspected cases of new coronavirus appeared in Multan, Pakistan. At present, the total number of suspected cases of new coronavirus in Pakistan has reached 5 cases. Of the five suspected cases, two appeared in Multan City. One patient was a Chinese citizen and one patient was a Pakistani citizen. Three other suspected cases occurred in Lahore. All three patients were residents of Wuhan, China, and recently arrived in Lahore. As Pakistan has no laboratory capable of confirming the new crown virus, two samples from Multan have been sent to Hong Kong for confirmation. (Main Channel Reporter Wang Wei)

First confirmed case of pneumonia in a new coronavirus infection in India

Indian media reported on the 30th that the first confirmed case of pneumonia in a new coronavirus infection was found in Kerala, India. It is understood that the patient was an international student studying in Wuhan University and returning to India. His infection test result is sure, and the patient is presently in stable condition and is under close perception. (Mainland reporter Li Lin)

About new corona virus infections

For the prevention and control of new corona virus infections, border measures have been adopted so far, but now in many regions of Japan, patients with unknown routes of transmission have occurred from time to time, and some regions have grasped the situation of small-scale groups. At present, no areas of large-scale infection have been identified.

In order to quell the epidemic as soon as possible, it is extremely important to prevent the group from spreading to the next group, and thorough and effective prevention and control measures must be implemented. At the same time, the implementation of measures to prevent and control the spread of infection and to minimize the rapid increase in the number of affected patients is of great significance in the future to control the spread of infection in Japan. At present, when the number of patients in Japan increases in the future, preparations for the provision of a medical care system for the critically ill are being prepared.

To effectively grasp the epidemic situation of new-type coronavirus infections, the state, local governments, medical staff, enterprises, and all citizens are united and must further advance prevention and control measures.

It is now a critical period in which domestic health damage in Japan can be minimized. Here, I would like to ask all citizens to fully understand the characteristics of new coronavirus infections and implement corrective control measures. At the same time, wash your hands thoroughly and follow the etiquette of coughing (use a mask, paper towel, handkerchief, sleeves to cover your nose and nose when coughing or sneezing). If you have cold symptoms, avoid going out and you must wear a mask when you have to go out.

If you have any of the following symptoms, please contact the "Returnees and Contacts Consultation Center".

・ Symptoms of a cold and fever for more than 4 days, body temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C.
 (Including days when antipyretics must be taken continuously)
・ Severe physical weakness (tiredness) and shortness of breath (dyspnea).
Elderly people and people with basic diseases have the above symptoms for about 2 days.
As a result of the consultation at the center, if you are suspected of new coronavirus infection, you will be introduced to a special "Returnee and Contact Clinic". Please wear a mask and do not use public transport to see a doctor.

About domestic and foreign outbreaks

At 12:00 on February 26, the status of confirmed domestic epidemic situation in Japan is as follows.
Epidemic abroad

According to the official announcement by governments of countries and regions around the world, the data on confirmed cases and deaths of new coronavirus in various countries are as follows at 10:30 on February 26.

"Transmission Route" is

generally mainly flying Foam-borne and contact-borne infections. No airborne infection has been identified.

However, in an enclosed space, where you are close and talking to most people, there is a risk of spreading even if you do not cough or sneeze.

Droplet transmission; bacteria, viruses, and other secretions in the droplets (sneeze, cough, saliva, etc.) sprayed by the infected person; others inhale the virus through the mouth and nose into the respiratory tract and become infected.

Contact transmission: After an infected person covers his sneeze or coughs with his hand, he touches the surrounding objects with his hand, and the virus will be attached to his object. When someone touches the object with the virus, the virus will attach to the hand. The mucous membrane is infected by touching the nose and mouth.

" Contagious power"

in accordance with the case there are a variety contagious, some of which are transmitted from a specific person to the majority of suspected cases. On the other hand, there are many cases where the infected person has hardly spread to the surrounding people.

"General symptoms and risk of exacerbation"

Fever or respirator symptoms usually last for about a week, and most of the symptoms of severe physical weakness (tiredness).

It is reported to be longer than the hospital stay for seasonal flu.

Even if they suffer, there are many mild and cured cases. On the other hand, the severity of infection did not exceed the extremely lethal infection (Ebola hemorrhagic fever, etc.). However, there are still high risks compared to seasonal flu. In particular, elderly people or those with underlying diseases are more likely to cause severe symptoms.


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