App promotion: 12 ways to make your app world-famous

App promotion: 12 ways to make your app world-famous

App Promotion

Creating and developing an app is a fun and exciting process. But once the app is finished, you naturally want it to be actually downloaded and used. To achieve that you will have to get started with app promotion. In this article, we share twelve effective ways to promote your app!

Why app promotion is important

When the App Store opened its digital doors in 2008, only 500 apps were available for download. In February of 2020, there were already 4.2 million. Some 1275 new apps are added every day. There are now so many that it is almost impossible to be 'discovered' out of the blue.

We think along with you. Not only about the functionalities, the screens, and the design, but also about the marketing of the app. To stand out between the sea of apps and reach your target audience, app promotion is therefore considered at an early stage. Because we like to make apps, but even more fun to make successful apps!

Freeways to promote your app

There are plenty of creative ways to promote your app for free. We mention six.

1 Social media

Social media play a very best role in our daily lives. Facebook and Instagram are good channels for reaching the masses, and LinkedIn uses you if your application has a business character.

Create a company page for your app, invite your connections to follow the page and start bringing your app to the attention.

Create and share your great content again shared by the people your page liken? Chances are that their connections will also see your contributions. This way your messages can spread like an oil slick on the web and more and more people are learning about the existence of your app.

A tip is not only to share messages about the existence of your app but also about the special features of the app, the benefits for the user and special stories behind the scenes. Take people along in your story and also share successes such as an x number of downloads in the App Store or a cool magazine that has published an article about your app.

2 Press release

When an app is launched, a sharp press release is a good way to reach a large audience in one go.  That is on the off chance that you do it right ...

This is because editors receive a lot of press releases every day and post (generally) only things that they find truly newsworthy. The launch of your app is very special for you, but it doesn't have to feel that way to a journalist.

So make sure you write a press release that a journalist cannot ignore!

A few hints for composing a fruitful official statement:

  • Prepare a press list of websites, newspapers, departments, and magazines that are relevant to your app. Don't just think about app fans, but especially about the subject of your app.
  • Write a catchy title that highlights the unique aspect of your app.
  • No advertising, but news - let us know what makes your app so special and why this is an enrichment for the lives of the readers.
  • Start with the most important details and put peripheral issues and floor further and further down.
  • Make it personal - No mass mail, but separate emails with the reason why this would be an interesting addition for website x. Where possible, make it even more personal by picking up the e-mail addresses of editors and mentioning them by name in your mail.
  • Do not include a press release as an attachment, but write the entire text in the mail. A download is an extra step for a journalist. Make it as easy as possible to read your message.
  • Add links as sources for additional information, such as an extensive article on your own website in which you explain all the advantages and details of your app and a dropbox press folder in which screen images of your app can be downloaded.
  • Create different emails and press releases for different groups. For a general newspaper, one aspect of your app may be more interesting than for another group. Respond to this!

3 News item

Is the app added to your current organization? For example, have you made an app from your online store? Then write and publish an extensive news item on your website in which you share the benefits and specifics with your already established support.

Bring it to the attention of visitors to your website; share it in your newsletter and on social media.

4 Blogging

Blogging is a fun way to introduce more people to your app. By sharing useful content and knowledge and making your blog articles SEO-proof, you attract your target audience like a magnet to you.

For example, the blog article you are reading is also written to let you know about us as an app developer. You were probably curious about the different ways to promote your app and you have now landed on our website.

Share your knowledge about the different aspects of the subject of your app. Does your app solve a certain problem? Then write articles about the different ways to solve this problem and name your app as a bouncer.

For example, have you made an app that makes moving a lot easier? Then blog about relocation tips, share a handy checklist to look out for when relocating and consider other topics related to relocation.
It is important to remember that people are looking for information or a solution to a problem.

They are not necessarily looking for your app. So help them by providing the information they are looking for and mention your app as a side issue.

5 Guest Blogging

The same principle applies to guest blogging. The difference is that this does not take place on your own website but on the website of another organization. For example, the Frankwatching website attracts thousands of visitors every day and our guest blog article was read more than 4000 times in no time!

Find out which (relevant to your app) online platforms allow guest blogs and approach them for a guest article. The following also applies here: research what articles fit the platform and share interesting content or news - do not just advertise your app.

6 App Store Optimization (ASO)

With App Store Optimization you increase the findability of your app. It can be compared with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but does not focus on findability in search engines such as Google, but on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Your app can be found better if the right keywords are used in the description, attractive video and images are used and the entire communication is geared to the right audience. A specialist can advise you further on this.

Paid app promotion ideas

The above ideas mainly cost time and effort. Do you have more to spend than just time? Then consider using the paid promotion options below.

7 Advertising in the App Store or Google Play Store

By advertising in the Google Play Store and App Store, you reach the target audience the moment they start looking for a new app. Exactly at the right time!

 Set an advertisement for relevant keywords and your app will be displayed at the top of the list of results.

8 Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

You can also apply the same principle by purchasing advertisements in Google search results.

Make a landing page on your website in which you explain the advantages and possibilities of your app and add links to download your app in the App Store and/or Google Play Store. Then purchase ads on specific keywords to generate fast traffic.

9 Facebook Ads

Advertisements in the App Store, Google Play Store or the Google search engine are only visible when the target group is actively looking for information or a solution to a problem. Facebook advertising works in a different way.

The Facebook data set is a wealth of information. Do you have a particular objective gathering as the main priority? Chances are that this can be found via Facebook. Create an advertisement for your app and set the targeting for a certain age group, gender, interests, city or country, certain pages that they like and/or a certain profession. In general: the more specific, the more effective!

10 LinkedIn Ads

Does your app target the business market? Then an advertising campaign on LinkedIn might be more interesting for you than Facebook. This works almost the same as with Facebook, although LinkedIn Ads are generally a bit more expensive to buy than Facebook.

11 Influencer marketing

Entirely from now and therefore certainly worth mentioning: influencer marketing. Word-of-mouth advertising is still the best form of promotion and influencer marketing is a good way to apply this on a massive (yet targeted) scale.

Can you name well-known Instagrammers, Youtubers, bloggers, vloggers or other online celebrities who can bring your app to the attention of a relevant target group? Definitely worth approaching for collaboration.

12 Sponsorship

In the line of influencer marketing, but slightly more traditional: sponsorship. If your app is promoted by a large brand, you will reach millions of people through their channels.

The other way around is also possible: by giving existing brand visibility in your app, you can further finance your app development and app promotion.

Ready to launch your app?

In this article, we have shared some free and paid ways to bring your app to the attention of your target audience. We hope to have inspired you to choose the right mix of channels and to make your app promotion a success.

Do you have a good idea for an app and are you thinking about having this app made? Contact us or calculate the cost of your app online for free.