Stop Before Applying Google AdSense Approval--Read These 15 Things


How To Approve Google AdSense Account Very Fast?

In every blogger have a question that how is possible that he makes a blog and the Google AdSense will be approved for ad and make money easily. Don’t worry I give u tips in a few steps and your blog/website will be approved easily by Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the best and high paying money platform for your quality blog and its content. If you are seriously approving your blog by the Google AdSense that you must read my article and I will show you that which rules and criteria, and how quickly the Google AdSense approved your blog.

Before applying to Google AdSense Read this Eligibility requirements

If you are looking to eligibility things for AdSense to monetization a site to earn revenue? Your most know these 15 tips for unique site strategies to apply Google AdSense.  But there are many questions in your mind that.

  • How to get approved for Blogger/word press website approval?
  • Have a checker tool available that check the Google AdSense eligibility?
  • How a beginner can approve the Google AdSense Account?
  • How to Qualify for Google AdSense through Blogger?
  • How we get Google AdSense Approval for BlogSpot blog fast?
  • Have tricks and tips for Google AdSense approvals?
  • How it’s possible that I will be making money by AdSense?

There are many ad networks but Google AdSense is the best ad network for all publishers because there are all advertisers can wish to give the ad to AdSense. A recent update by Google AdSense website will not be banned. (All terms and condition will be applied) if you wish that you getting the highest CTR that you most struggle for Google AdSense. Everyday bloggers can earn money with Google AdSense. Every publisher dreams that he can monetize our blog for best networking platform. AdSense allows you to customize your ads in your personal blog. The publisher gets payment when any visitor clicks on the ads which placed on approved site content.

Additionally, there are various approaches to make cash blogging without AdSense as well however in the market, AdSense is on top for offering high income to distributers. What's more, that is the reason AdSense turns into the primary decision for profiting with bloggers. To make Google AdSense account and start profiting with Google AdSense, it is important to know, follow and should do some significant things to get the endorsement from Google AdSense.

Today we check you the best things that works to get approval fast as a blogger/ website developer for Google AdSense.

Top 15 requirements before applying to Google AdSense.

Getting approval from Google AdSense appears to be hard since AdSense has presented some severe guidelines and approaches. Google follows basic arrangements for AdSense. You likewise need to know some important Google AdSense terms and strategies while applying to the AdSense account. It has become significantly harder to get approval from Google AdSense. In any case, with appropriate techniques and bit by bit methods, you can be effectively getting affirmed. On the off chance that you observe the guidelines directly from the earliest starting point, it tends to be anything but difficult to get approval from AdSense. Be that as it may, when you get approval for your AdSense account, at that point there is no restriction, and you can make a huge number of dollars every year, rather there are loads of premium AdSense distributers from India making a million dollars with AdSense. At that point why not you?

So, let us start with this instruction to know when applying for Google AdSense. Just follow these things and get approved by Google AdSense. Be careful you don’t apply without reading the below instruction for Google AdSense.

15 check list you must do when applying to AdSense:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Us Page
  • About Us Page
  • Number of Posts
  • Quality Content
  • Verify Name and Email Addres
  • Only "Above 18" Can Apply
  • Beautiful Blog Design
  • Check Your Content Type
  • Top Level Domain
  • Remove Other Ad Network
  • Check Your Traffic Source
  • Blog Age
  • Apply With the Best Site You Have
  • Connect With Webmaster Tools

1. Privacy Policy

The first thing I listed because the privacy policy matters the most if you want approval from AdSense. Privacy policy means that you are very serious about your internet business. The privacy policy describes your readers what about your blog is. The outlines for readers that what we tech with your blog/website.

Actually privacy policy means that you care about your reader. So make a page and write a privacy policy about your online help to our visitor. You also link on the main page like the home page before applying to Google AdSense.

2. Contact Us Page

This is the requesting and fundamental page for the blogger before applying for Google AdSense account. The reach us page contains the contact data about the blogger or originator of the webpage. The contact subtleties ought to give your current contact data, for example, your contact numbers, web-based life interfaces, your location, email IDs, and so forth. This will because you’re per user to comprehend that you are really human and no spam or bot.

By making the Reach Us page, you show Google that you truly care about your client and are constantly prepared to enable them to out. So it's likewise critical to make and place the connection on your file page before applying Google AdSense.

3. About Us Page

Like the over two pages, the "About Us" page is additionally that critical to get the endorsement from Google AdSense. This is where you can place data about yourself. Simply depict you, your administrations, how you fabricate your business and what you going to do in the future. You can include data about your blog and about your business in the About Us Page. This manufactures trust and causes the peruser to accept more in you.
Just portray yourself and your business or blog so as to build up associations with the perusers; so it likewise needs to make the about us page before applying for Google AdSense.

4. Number of Posts

As a matter of fact, there is no particular or a specific authority rule on the most extreme number of posts required. I have seen there are bloggers who got the AdSense approval with scarcely any posts even under ten; though then again; there are numerous bloggers who are still in a line holding back to get approval from Google AdSense significantly after 300+ posts. By the normal worth, and the best thing you can do is be prepared with 30 great quality posts before applying for the Google AdSense.

5. Quality Content

Quality issues more in any field. The most basic thing you have to do is compose excellent substance. Composing great substance is significant, and considerably subsequent to getting your AdSense approval account, you ought to never overlook this at any expense.

AdSense as well as approve excellent pages to file rapidly, and services thus the guests must appreciate the equivalent. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to get AdSense approved, you should initially dazzle the Google with your quality substance. Here I might want to prescribe to have at any rate 1000+ words in each blog entry.

Follow the quick rules while making excellent content:

  • Write original and unique content
  • Must be check grammar and spell mistakes
  • Your 1 post of blogger/website more than 1000 words
  • You write post properly, the heading, sub hidings, and all bulleted points.
  • Write the most interesting, fresh, innovative information 
  • The post is Useful and instructive for all human beings.
  • All post is Easy to understand
  • User-friendly posts
Your Content is high readability which converts your all visitor into your regular readers that will help you to make money with Google AdSense.

6. Verify Name and Email Address

While applying for AdSense approval, it is important to place your name and email ID in the about and contact pages. Google needs this, to confirm the individual who is applying for AdSense.

It likewise helps in accelerating the confirmation procedure. With the best possible name and email address given by you help you to break the approval procedure of Google AdSense account.

7. Only "Above 18" Can Apply

Google AdSense doesn’t want to offer record who is under 18. So as to get approval from Google AdSense quick, it is obligatory to have crossed 18 ages. There are bloggers those attempts to compose inaccurate age at the end of the day fall into difficulty for payouts. Along these lines, it is prescribed to utilize your right birth date and age while applying for a Google AdSense account. In the event that you are not in 18 age, you should enter the all family members' data from your folks.

Here I might want to recommend you, to begin your blogging work, establish some online connections, construct notoriety develop the system and after the age of 18 apply to get AdSense account. I am certain you will get a brisk AdSense affirmed account in a matter of seconds.

8. Beautiful Blog Design

Alongside the nature of the substance, it is likewise urgent to think about the nature of the blog's structure. Google is a world-known for giving quality web journals, however, the great plans make them quality sites that drive more guests and per users. Thus, when you are applying for AdSense approval, it is indispensable to think about building up the blog in an expert manner. Consider a quick stacking plan to get approval from AdSense.

  • You must know about the following features:
  • Your post is Easy to navigate
  • Your blog was Proper menu
  • Your site was Simple and professional 
  • Your web page was fast loading
  • Your blog and site was totally SEO friendly
  • In your blog No useless & widgets stuff in sidebars and header footer

9. Check Your Content Type

You must aware that Google AdSense does not accept some irrelevant types of content. In order to get approval from Google AdSense, Clicked on this link and read all the content type instructions carefully and then apply it to Google AdSense.

For the language perspective, favor writing in English or different dialects upheld by AdSense. I strongly prescribed you to avoid any prohibited content before applying the Google AdSense.

10. Top Level Domain

To get approval from Google AdSense, it is imperative to have your very own domain. Your domain is only your online personality. Space encourages you to assemble high expert regarding that matter your site consistently distributes the articles about. Causes the AdSense to bring high CPM publicists to your site. In this way, make a one of a kind, short and straightforward area Domain name that can without much of a stretch relate your blog specialty. So it’s additionally essential to purchase another and appealing space Domain name for your blog before applying for the Google AdSense.

11. Remove Other Ad Networks

It's better not to use some other advertisement serving system with the content on your site. Make your blog free from advertisements before you apply for Google AdSense. I suggest remove all other promotion organizes network before applying for Google AdSense.

12. Check Your Traffic Source

Traffic is a very important fact for any advertiser agency, and Google AdSense you think like an advertiser point when the viewer was in a huge amount than you serving high paying advertisements on your site. So Google AdSense offers to approve the account only those blogs and sites which drive high organic traffic through best content sources.

I recommend you to get traffic from many search engines, social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

13. Blog Age

In my knowledge, about the age, there is no rule to complete. If your blog is four months older, then only Google AdSense can offer its approval. You are active on your blog, best writing quality content and keep posting fresh articles frequently more than 3 months before applying for AdSense approval.

14. Apply With The Best Site You Have.

Many blogger writes on many topics for the different websites they have. If you have many websites, I recommended you apply one of the best sites you have. And later you can also add your site in one Google AdSense account for approval.

15. Connect With Webmaster Tools

The Google Analytics and Search Console [Webmaster Tools] are the best help from Google gives a detail about the website. It is important to interface your site with these two instruments. This shows all the investigation for your site visits, how a guest reacts to your substance and content more, for your as well as to Google. This will assist you in improving your site. Thusly, this will help the odds of getting approval from Google AdSense.

There are many people wants to make a career in blogging. No doubt, blogging is an art and my experience; it makes you earn good revenue. But, when you established yourself for blogging, it is important to find the very best advertisement networks. Google AdSense is a very good platform for advertisement networks. It is a dream of every blogger to have an approved account with AdSense.

These all basic rules you need to know for Google AdSense accounts holder. Follow carefully to meet certain eligibility requirements to get approval from AdSense. Once you approved by the Google AdSense you get a platform for your blogs and websites.

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