Hurry! Watch online videos and earn $ money

Is this possible that without any expenses only watching some online TV shows, movies, commercial ads, and videos to earn huge amounts?. The answer is Yes u can.

15+ Ways to Earn Money in 2020

Is this possible that without any expenses only watching some online TV shows, movies, commercial ads, and videos to earn huge amounts?. The answer is Yes u can. 

You get money in our sitting couch and just using your mobile to watch videos. There are several mobile apps and sites available for only watching the TV show and video short trailers. They will pay you a handsome amount. There are many sites but today I show u 15+ for making money easily.

15+ ways to earn online money easily

Best websites and Apps list to earn money online by watching videos, commercial ads whenever you’re spare.

  • Swagbucks
  • Rev Captioner
  • MyPoints
  • GetPaidTo
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Viggle
  • Watch YouTube Videos
  • Netflix
  • Nielsen TV
  • App Trailers
  • FusionCash
  • GrabPoints
  • Earnably
  • PrizeRebel
  • Opinion Outpost
  • InstaGC
  • SendEarnings

 1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best money making platform by watching videos online. Movies, news, brand video and sports ads. With this platform, you’re earning a huge amount other than similar websites.

Swagbucks have websites and apps to get point. Both our iOS and Android views on your tablet or smartphone.

It is a good website for watching videos, making money, taking online surveys and answers also online shopping. You can also redeem your earning points to gift cards or PayPal cash.

2. Rev Captioner

A Rev Captioner job is an easy way to earn by watching online videos. On this website, you have to watch the video and also type what is being said on that audio or video.

. You earn money anywhere from $27 to $45 per 60 min. It is the best paying work job at home. The captioning and watching videos or involve. Anyone can apply only one requirement when he qualifies the test

3. MyPoints

In the various tasks, MyPoints offers to earn. Simply you will earn points when watching the video playlists. MyPoints dashboard contains many types of video categories. When you watch clips you earn points.

You can also convert your points to a gift card or cash. It’s your choice: many websites offer only gift cards, the earned money will be pay on the PayPal account.

Smartphone or tablet user can use my points TV app. App is also available on iPad, iPhone, Android in play store.  When you earn Mypoints give you money on PayPal Account.

4. GetPaidTo

GetPaidTo gives you some tasks like watching videos play games, surveys much more. When you perform well GetPaidTo pays you money.

When quick task complete GetPaidTo offering online wall offers points. This is the most popular GPT website on the internet. I think in your mind when you watching the video till the end if you close the video without ending you will not get points.

You can Cash PayPal or bank account and also a gift card offer on popular online retailers like Amazon or Walmart.

 GetPaidTo also offers a referral points program. If you refer a viewer you can get 15% commission in every points your viewer earns and also sub referrals point in this program. This site gets very positive reviews on the public. 70% of people give you 5stars rating.

5. is a good website to make money by watching ads. You will get Tokens by watching videos, trailers, and promotional movies.

You can also earn money by simple tasks like pop up quizzes and shopping online. You also watch all the videos on your cell phone and computer easily.

Like others for cash use Perk points, helps to charity, gift cards and also rewards.

6. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is also a good site to make money for watching television programs online. Inbox Dollars are lots of short videos on a 24/7 basis.

It’s the alternative of Swagbucks. You can see short clips. Upcoming movie trailer, national news clips, highlights of sports and advertisements on cell phones or laptops.

 If you only sign up the Inbox Dollars gives you $5 cash. It’s an easy way to earn money with fun activities. Inbox Dollar for sixteen years and paid all over the world $60 million in cash. I must recommend you to sign up and earn extra money.

7. Viggle

 In Viggle you watch your favorite Television Shows. You can install this app on android and iOS devices, and then you will earn money in your favorite and live streaming shows. It is a very easy option to watch live videos on your Smartphone or tablet.

 The plus point you earn money also listening to music. You can also prize and cash redeemed. This app allows every user to earn up to sixty thousand per month. The point you get depends on you by watching music or video in the playlist.

Viggle have an option to withdraw your money by PayPal Account.

8. Watch YouTube Videos

Paid2YouTube is a website that will pay you daily for watching videos. If you are making money from YouTube you need to sign up and watch promotional clips. If you rate video or comments on videos your earnings increase. You can also get a bonus if your friends join the Paid2YouTube referral link.

You can get your money via cash on PayPal Account, Minimum $10.

9. Netflix

Netflix Tagger is a great way to make money by videos. If you watch Netflix shows daily, best for you. In this platform, your work is researching, annotating, tagging, analyzing and rating movies and content. All jobs posted weekly on the job dashboard. Go to the job dashboard page and go to “tagger” to search for new job positions.

10. Nielsen TV

Two ways to earn money with Nielsen Tv. Participate and through digital voice is the way to get earning. Digital voice allows you to watch videos on your all devices like tab, iOS mobile, Android or laptop. You just download the app and watch favorite Shows and online videos.

Nielsen is best for traditional TV viewers, who can make money by Nielsen members.

11. App Trailers

AppTrailer as per name this app pays you for watching trailers. This app is Ads platform rewards you in points for seining short videos clip.

When you earn points you can get instant cool prizes, gift cards and cash in PayPal Account. You can also earn money by uploading videos and getting likes.

When you get enough points, you can convert them for Amazon gift cards, Google Play, Starbucks, iTunes and much more.

12. FusionCash

When you complete the offers FusionCash pays you money. You can make money by taking surveys, watching videos and cashback shopping and many other ways. When you just join the FusionCash in well give you a $5 bonus.

You can cash all money by many methods like checks, PayPal and direct deposit.

13. GrabPoints

GrabPoints as per name when you get point by watching videos it well be converted as money. It is the best website you will get payments watching by ads on your cell phone.

After earning you can convert your points as cash and gift cards.

If you want many earning you need to watch many clips of videos and your earning will become.
You will receive cash in 2 days generally. You can cash on your PayPal or gift card.

14. Earnably

Simply when you complete the tasks given by Earnably your earning will be started. Earning will pay you on your PayPal cash account.  It is easy to get start and totally free.

In Earnably when you get 100 points it will be converted to $1.

Earnably also a referral program when you give new users the company give you 10% referring. It is a very good site and there are many ways to earn points.

15. PrizeRebel

When you complete task PrizeRebel rewards you. Your points exchange for Cast, gift cards, and merchandise.

There are many to earn money on this site like fill out offers, taking surveys, gaming contest internet searches and more. 

PrizeRebel also Referrals program so earn 20-30% by giving referrals. You may convert your points in PayPal cash Account and ACH bank transfer.

16. Opinion Outpost

This program is also an earn money basis when you feel free to watch the movies, videos you will earn money. When you get a hundred points the Opinion Outpost gives you a $10. The earn points convert into gifts cards or PayPal cash.

17. InstaGC

When you completing task, surveys, watch videos, testing apps, the InstaGC give you gift cards and cash it is the worldwide program and also it has an affiliate marketing program to grow up your money potential.

18. SendEarnings

SendEarnings is a good website to earn points by watching ads on your phone or personal computer. This website is owned by leading GPT platform InboxDollars. SendEarnings with many brands in market research so that you have achieved more earning opportunities.


If you have an internet connection. Anywhere you can feel free you earn money by watching movies ads. You earn on your cell phone or minicomputer. This website will pay you a handsome amount for a long time and you are your online business will be started.

However, if you want fun and making something extra money, these websites paid you to just watch videos this is a very good option for money making.. You can earn pocket money to help your miscellaneous expenses and also fun.

I also know your experience with these sites please comment on your experience by email or commets.