Use landing pages in your WordPress website

Use landing pages in your WordPress website

 landing pages in your WordPress website

A landing page is a page that you have specially designed for a specific target group. You answer their questions and you create a desire to find out more about your services or to contact us.

The purpose of a landing page

The purpose of a landing page is to give a visitor exactly what he is looking for and then to entice him to make a purchase. The page must match what you have put in your ad or in the update that you have posted. Only put what really belongs to it and what reinforces your message on this page.

The best thing is if someone is already looking specifically and sees all their questions answered on this page. After which the choice is quickly made for you.

Know, like, trust principle

You can also choose to take a slower run-up to sales. Then the landing page is aimed at getting the reader to an e-mail list (list building). You can then send a series of funnel emails via e-mail marketing in which you tell more about yourself and your company. Along the way you can already offer a small product. You then work towards your offer with more value.

Build a landing page yourself

If you want to get started yourself and there is no option to create a nice and good landing page within your existing website, then  Landing Pages Builder is  a good plugin to use. I installed the plugin myself and what you do is to choose one of the examples that they have already made and you can then customize it with your own text and images. If you are used to figuring things out yourself then this is good to do.

I have been using the Pagebuilder myself since 2019, which is built into the Yootheme Pro themes and that is highly recommended if you want to have your website updated soon. Here you can determine your website layout yourself and you can also save and reuse the layouts. But you can also share (sections) and save and reuse elements. Adjusting your website yourself has become much more fun with this.

Do you want to get some inspiration? Then look at  this page.

In the steps below I have made a free translation of  this article.   And to show you some nice examples, you can look at  this page.

Ingredients for a convincing landing page in WordPress

Step 1 - Describe the added value

Instead of describing what you get when you buy this product or service, you explain what the problem is.

Step 2 - Show that you understand them

You know your client and know what problems and frustrations they encounter, show that you are aware of these problems and frustrations and that they are happy to help and are ready for them.

Step 3 - Keep it short

Just tell what is needed. It is more powerful and the visitor is in a glance what the solution is. Nice!

Step 4 - Social proof

Let others know that you have also purchased your service. "Others also bought" or "others also liked this product." x number of people have already bought this.

Step 5 - Create scarcity

Let them know that there are only a certain number of places available, or that the offer will expire in a few days.

Step 6 - Let them know that they are missing important information or knowledge is A common problem? And I can easily solve that by ...

Step 7 - Make sure the text on the button corresponds to the context

It really makes a difference whether you put on a button "sign up now" or "send me tips & tricks about MailChimp". Make sure the text on the button matches the solution and the benefits that you offer in the text.


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