Start this year 2020 with video marketing

Start this year 2020 with video marketing

In 2020 with video marketing

The use of video has increased enormously in recent years. Data subscriptions for your phone have become cheaper. And the internet connection faster. This makes watching videos more attractive. Video attracts more attention than text and images and is therefore ideal for tutorials and promotions of your service or product.

I can put all the statistics here, but if you just google the term you will find enough on that level to convince you to start using it.

Together-do-session about Video marketing

On Dec 15, I give a joint-doing session about the use of video. Rian Seton has its own production company and will give an introduction to the video. She will show examples and provide insight into what video can do for your visitor numbers and visibility online. If you want to stand out more, the use of video is highly recommended.

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Everything you do within your marketing has a purpose, and so does video use. If you have become enthusiastic and want to start, do not overthrow everything but start small. Think of a short promotion of 1 minute before your event. A webinary, a Zoom session. Perhaps a short tutorial.

If you can free up your budget, hire a company that helps you with this. The technozaib can help you with this. And are you more looking for a strategist then I can recommend the DeOnlineStrategist . I myself am more concerned with design and construction, which is why I refer to you.

Blogging alone is no longer enough

Because so many companies have started blogging that there is also much more competition. You generally see a decrease in conversion and an increase for video. They are all averages, but if creating content fits in with your strategy, then also start with video. Also read my  blog

Learn online with video

One aspect that I find interesting is the offering of e-learning with videos, I have already taken several online courses myself. Such as a drawing course. And currently a botanical drawing course and a MailChimp course . I think it's ideal that I can do something in my own time. At the drawing course I can submit work and I get tips. And there is also a monthly webinar in which a selection of submitted work is treated. Inspired by this, I started to offer my MailChimp tutorials in this way.

Video tutorials

A client of mine makes make-up tutorials and she indicates that she receives an enormous amount of response and the videos do very well. She uses it for explanation about MailChimp and WordPress.

Personal videos

Make instructional videos for my clients when I deliver a website. This way I can also make it personal. But also consider a promo for your event or a personal message on special days.

Enough inspiration to dive into it.

Give up Together-Do-Session

There are still a few places for the Dec session where we are going to write about video are you coming?