I am not found in Google

I am not found in Google
Do you have the idea that your WordPress website is not found properly in Google? This can have various reasons.

Then ask yourself the following questions.😍

I have lately:

  • posted a blog or videos?
  • am I active or social media, do I share my blog / videos?
  • responded to messages from other colleagues?
  • posted a recommendation and shared this on social media and my website?
  • contributed to a discussion and show my expertise?
  • posted a newsletter or update with links back to my website?
  • visited a network, left a good impression and left my website details?
  • Do you want to hear and see something of yourself?
  • Having a website is not enough. New content must be placed on it regularly. In addition, you must ensure that a lot is linked back to your website.

And when your website is visited, consider the following:

do I use my client's language?

do I use my client's search terms and words?
For a large number of entrepreneurs, it is simply too difficult to find them in Google because they have too much competition from their colleagues. For that reason you may not want to focus on SEO but on your network and getting referrals and recommendations .

What can I technically improve my website so that it gets a higher ranking?

It's nice if you can fall back on the numbers, because measuring is knowing. Make sure Google Analytics is linked to your website.

If you have doubts about the technical performance of the website you can check a number of things yourself:

do more about link building
a mobile version  website
load the website fast enough
purchase an SSL certificate, (an https: // instead of http)
Below I will explain it in more detail.

Do more about link building

Search for websites that do well (in terms of ranking) and that are relevant to you and an extension of your services. Ask if they want to place a link from you.
For some entrepreneurs, having them listed in a specific database can help (coaches or psychologists, for example)
Provide good content so that people link to your website on their own
When you write a blog, put links to other websites that are high in the ranking. It's okay if you don't know it all yourself and refer to other sources.
There is a branch of sport itself that is called broken link building where you track down broken links and have them replaced by a new and better link (yours)

Make sure your mobile version works really well

check mobile view

The loading time of your mobile website plays a part in your ranking. Consider showing less and only what really matters. Most people come in on your homepage. The quickest stroke is to ensure that it at least charges well. If you have a new website made, ask for the mobile view and check it yourself before it goes live. If you already have a somewhat older website, consider new construction or restyling. Read also >>  Is your website mobile-friendly or mobile-friendly? What should you pay attention to?

 My WordPress website loads too slowly

There are a number of reasons why a page can load slowly.


Ensure good hosting, focused on WordPress. Test your website on  Pingdom  for speed. Most entrepreneurs have a shared hosting package. And that means all on 1 server. With one hosting provider that can sometimes be just a bit too much. This makes your website slower and in the worst case it goes out of the air regularly. I changed hosting providers myself and now my website loads much faster.

A website with pages that do not load is really killing. With this you lose your visitor.

Too large images


Many people upload too large images in their website. I sometimes see images of more than 4000 pixels while it is often shown no larger than 800 pixels. Make sure you make your images smaller before you upload them. If they are already in it, make sure you resize them within WordPress by editing and saving the images. Using images that are too large is at the expense of the loading time of your page. Read also >>  Reduce images and photos & # 8217; s before you upload them to your WordPress website

SSL certificate counts in the ranking

Through your hosting provider you can now request an SSL certificate for free or for a small amount per year. Read also >>  An SSL certificate on your website, what should you look out for?