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Google Images

Google Images

You can search for images with a Google search, just like you search for websites. For example, view photos of an area where you want to go on vacation, or search for the right image to use in a presentation.

Add an image to Google Images

If you want to include an image in the Google Images search results, you must first add the image to a website with a description of the image (s) or photo. Images cannot be uploaded directly to the search results, but images that are placed on a website can be added to our search results, provided they are technically correct. If you want your photo or image to appear in Google search results, you must optimize the image on a Google website.

How better to find in Google Images?
To be easy to find in the results of Google Images, it is important to optimize things. Below we discuss the most important topics that are required to be easily found in the Google Image search results.

Filename of the image

  • File name of the image is very important to be better found in the image search results. Include in the file name the keywords on which you want to be found. An image of a blue omnifies for women would then, for example, be named 'blue-omafiets-for-ladies.jpg'.
  • Add a description (alt attribute) to the image
  • Place text near the image, such as an 'alt' tag or subtitle. An alt attribute (also called alternative text) of an image is actually meant as text to show when an image cannot be loaded. As a result, Google receives information about what is displayed in the image and to which searches the image can be linked.
  • Is the image relevant to the page? ( page relevance )
  • Make sure that the entire page is search engine friendly. So that the image of the relevant search term is also relevant to this page.
  • Sitemap images
  • You can create a separate sitemap for listing your images. This allows you to provide Google with additional information about your images. You help Google to discover the images of your website.
  • Upload high quality photos and images
  • Beautiful images are an excellent way to get more traffic to your site.
  • And finally: be patient ...
  • Images that you upload to the Internet are not immediately displayed in the search results. Your website must first be indexed by Google before the images of your site become visible in search results.

Tip: extensive search on Google Images

You can search for photos and images on the internet via the Google Images service. These search results can also be refined to find the right image faster. Normally after a search on Google Images, you will see an unfiltered result with all kinds of images that are found. But more is possible, the results of Google Images can be refined.

Open the Google Images website

The search results screen opens. At the top of the screen, there are now some menu options. Click Search Tools. Different items now appear, such as 'Size', 'Color' and 'Type', with a triangle next to them in the menu bar. Click on the small triangle to view the different options in the drop-down menu per item and to choose an option. For example, click on 'Size' to show only large images in the search results. View all options and click on the options to see how you can filter the search results and refine them to your liking faster.
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