Do I need Google Analytics?

Do I need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics?

Have you also had a Google Analytics account linked to your website and newsletter but are you not doing anything with it? With a number of simple settings you can already measure very precisely what is happening on your website. A source of information to improve your website.

In the context of the AVG legislation I have checked a lot of accounts for customers and I see that the majority do nothing with it. And when I look at myself, I'm not doing much better. I have set some goals and also made a link with MailChimp. But then on to the issues of the day.

Hoping that I would receive confirmation from SEO specialist Rutger Steenbergen,  I emailed him but 'unfortunately' I received the answer to my question do I really need GA?

"Yes! A website is incredibly important nowadays and you also want to be findable as a small independent person. Moreover, your time is limited and you want to do what works.

If you set goals in Google Analytics, you can map that out nicely. It can answer these questions

  • Twitter or not?
  • Which messages on LinkedIn are catching on?
  • What information do people find interesting?
  • And what do they do on the site?
  • Through which channels do I get the best visitors?
  • Does guest blogging make sense? And with whom then?
  • Which blogs are read a lot and which are not (and you could adjust or delete them)
  • You shoot with hail without Google Analytics. Or are you just staring at numbers. You can have a lot of visitors, but you can't do that much with that knowledge alone.
  • What they do on your website is important. "

In fact, I already knew the answer. If you want to be findable, you see your website as a tool, as a marketing tool, then you also have to take the next step and set goals in this. Measure and adjust again. I notice that the website gives me a lot in terms of new requests. And, I think I can get a lot more out of it if I regularly make time for it. You may recognize yourself in this. If you want to get more out of it, plan a few moments a month today to set goals, view results and improve your website. Do you first want to learn more about the usefulness of SEO and what you can do yourself? Rutger regularly gives a workshop so that you can learn the principles of SEO.

Set goals yourself

There are plenty of informative blogs to get you started, but Google on 'set Google Analytics goals'. You can measure how long someone is on your website, which pages are visited. For example, you can also measure whether your sales tunnel (funnel) is working properly by entering a route through different pages. For example, on the sales page, also click on the "call me", "request quote" buttons.

If you want even better insight into how people navigate your page and your website, Hotjar is also a great option. This works with heat maps and screen recordings.