9 ways to promote your blog with social media

9 ways to promote your blog with social media

9 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

You have written a beautiful blog article, you have clicked on 'publish' and now let the readers come. To get attention for your article you will have to promote it. Few visitors will come to your blog spontaneously.

There are a lot of ways to promote your blog and social media is a very good one. This is what I do every time I post a blog post. After 6 years of regular publishing, this results in an average of 10,000 visitors per week.

9 ways to promote your blog with social media promotion

Before I continue, one important thing that you should not forget. Every social media platform is unique. Use those channels that you know your audience also use and post messages at times that your audience is online .

1. Twitter

Tweet the title and link of your blog article on Twitter . Do this a few more times in the coming days. Bufferapp can very well help you with that. You can automate this with Bufferapp. Each subsequent tweet about this article contains a different text from the blog article with of course a link to the article and possibly an image.

2. Google +

Post your article on Google+ . If you don't have an account yet, create one, because it's good for your findability. Google will find you a lot nicer if you are also on Google+. No worries, you are completely free not to invest more energy in it than posting your blog articles. But it is important, because you participate in Google+, no matter how small, you score higher in Google.

3. Pinterest

Place an image in your blog article and pin it on Pinterest with a relevant text (see the image with this article). Make sure that:

- place your text on the image
- there are no people on the image (pins with people on it are less repainted)
- your image has a striking, preferably red color in the image (stands out more on the busy Pinterest page)
- your image is in portrait. Rather longer than wider.

You can edit an image and put text on it in a free program such as Picmonkey or Pixlr .

4. Facebook

Make it a habit to post a link to your blog entry on your Facebook fan page and your personal profile. Facebook retrieves the image from your message. If you want to have control over that, place an Featured Image in the WordPress message. This is always the first to be picked up by Facebook. Make sure that this image is 1200 x 628 pixels at the front color. You can also place a different image on Facebook than that of your article.

5. LinkedIn

Share the link to your blog article in an update on your LinkedIn homepage. Also share it in relevant groups. Only place the item in a group if you are sure it is allowed by the group owner. Read the group rules for this.

6. YouTube

Maybe you can convert your article to video and post it on YouTube . That is a good idea, especially if you give tips or a manual. You can make a screen recording of your manual with Screenr or Jing .

7. Instagram

You can promote your blog article in several ways with Instagram . Post a photo with caption, share a tip, ask a question or refer to your blog.

8. Other blogs

Comment on relevant blog articles from others with a link to your blog article.

9. Newsletter

Place the article in your newsletter with a 'read more' link to your blog, so that readers click through.

What are your tips to promote your blog?