7 tips for error-free blog articles

7 tips for error-free blog articles

7 Quick Tips For Mistake-Free Writing for blog

You must write your blog articles yourself. Or you employ a ghostwriter or a guest blogger or blog writer. Unfortunately, most of us don't. Although, unfortunately? Writing blog articles is a part of my job that I like the most. But I know many entrepreneurs who think it's a crime.

If you have written a blog article, you must also do the final editing yourself. There is nothing else to it. That is often the most difficult part. You have just been staring at your article for an hour and now you also have to improve it and remove the errors.

I have 7 tips for you to effortlessly and quickly edit your articles yourself.

1. Do not edit while you write. Slapping two birds with one stone is not handy in this case. If you improve while you write, that will not benefit your creativity. Stay nice in the flow and keep writing until you are done. Do not pay attention to writing errors, details or other impurities. You improve later.

2. Take a distance. If you are not tied to a deadline, it is good to sometimes leave your work for what it is and sometimes even continue writing the next day. If there is 24 hours between the first word and the last sentence, you will also be better able to edit.
If you don't have 24 hours, do something else before you improve.

3. Print your work. Get away from your computer and read the article on paper (sorry trees). Take a red marker and underline the spelling mistakes. 

4. Read your article aloud. If you read your work aloud to yourself, you will hear the crooked sentences much better.

5. Don't do 2 things at the same time. First correct all spelling errors, then start again from the beginning and correct the crooked sentences.

6. If a sentence really doesn't work, don't tinker with it, but write that paragraph again.

7. Have someone else read your article. I have a good knowledge who spends a few minutes on it and then e-mails me some dots. She always makes a mistake out of it, while I am really good at error-free writing and d's and dt's and such 🙂