5 tips for more traffic to your blog

5 tips for more traffic to your blog

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Blogging is one of the most effective forms of marketing. It is one of the ways to show that you are the expert at what you do. So publish as many articles as possible on your blog to share value with your fans.

But of course you want to share your knowledge with as many people as possible. It is a shame if nobody reads your articles or nobody knows about the existence of your blog.
It is important to have enough traffic to your blog. If there is more traffic It means that more and more people are reading your articles and that more and more people are going to see you as an expert in your field.

All people who come to your blog are potential customers. The more traffic to your blog, the greater the chance of new customers. One of the ways to increase traffic to your blog is to promote your blog on social media. But you have to do that in such a way that it is suitable for every platform. Every social media platform has a different audience and different ways to promote your blog articles. And on every platform you use a different size of the image and there is a different maximum number of characters for the message you post.

In this article I give you 5 tips to ensure more traffic to your blog.

1. Facebook

Format image: place an image of 1200 x 628 pixels on your blog with the article. Then the image will be displayed nicely if you share the link on Facebook.
Maximum number of characters: 10,000
Frequency: post a Facebook message at least once a day, preferably at times when your fans are active, including weekends!

You can promote your blog article on your Facebook profile, Facebook page and in a Facebook group. Do it each time with a slightly different text, or place the article on your page and share the message on your profile and in the group. Given the number of characters for your Facebook message, you can place a lot of text with the link on Facebook, but only the first 480 characters of your message are visible in the news overview.

If you use more than 480 characters for the message, it will display "Show more ...". People need to click on that if they want to read the rest of the text. Because only the first 480 characters are visible, you must state the most important information at the beginning of the message.

It is not the case that a Facebook message should contain a maximum number of characters, which gives you more reach or responses to your message. Some entrepreneurs say that longer messages do not work well on their pages and that short messages in particular get a lot of responses. I regularly experience that even long messages generate a lot of reactions from my fans. That is why I advise you to alternate and see what your fans are responding to.

You really have to place an image with the Facebook message. The image that you create must ensure that someone stops scrolling in the news overview. The image must attract attention.

If you think that the image you made with the blog article is not going to stand out in the news overview on Facebook, create another image. You do not have to use the image that Facebook loads when you add the link to your message. You can add an image and then delete the old image.

Change image Facebook message

It works well on Facebook to share a personal story. Enhance that by placing a personal photo with the post with the link to the blog article. Of course your goal of this Facebook post is that people go to the article you are talking about, but do not forget that people must respond to your Facebook post. Call on people to respond under your Facebook post or share the post so that as many people as possible can read about one of your valuable blog articles.

I don't use hashtags on Facebook. That is possible, so that when people search for certain words, they will read your articles. The use of hashtags makes your articles findable, but it will not immediately provide more reach or involvement.

2. Twitter

Format image: 440 x 220 pixels
Maximum number of characters: 280 characters
Frequency: feel free to promote your blog article on Twitter several times and alternate the promotion of blog articles with other valuable tweets. You can post multiple tweets per day.

5 ways to promote a Twitter blog

Twitter was the very first platform where you could use hashtags, making it easier to find messages on certain topics. That certainly made Twitter very popular in the first few years. But people saw the maximum of 140 characters as a limitation. Certainly because if you responded to a tweet from someone, the username in front of the message was pasted and this depended on the maximum number of characters.

Fortunately, Twitter has changed that. You now have the option to post 280-character messages on Twitter, and if you tag someone in your message (by using @, followed by the username), this does not depend on the number of characters. The goal of Twitter is still to send short messages to the world. Keep it short and powerful, arouse curiosity in 1 sentence and send people with a call-to-action to your blog article.

Because Twitter is aimed at sending short messages, so that people can quickly access information, your message must be picked up quickly by people. It is as if there is no time to waste. Twitter is very different from Facebook. You can really leave a message on Facebook before people start responding to it.

Feel free to promote a blog article on Twitter multiple times. There is a high chance that people have not seen an earlier promotion of the article. It is important that you do not forget to add hashtags to the message. I recommend that you add a maximum of 4 hashtags. Later in this article you will come across a platform where you can go crazy with the number of hashtags. Twitter is not the right place for that at the moment.

3. Instagram

Format image: square, you can hold 1200 x 1200 pixels
Maximum number of characters: 2,200 characters
Frequency: at least 1 message per day. You can promote your blog article more than 1 time.

5 ways to promote a blog Instagram

Instagram is hot. The growth on Instagram has increased enormously in the past year. More and more people and more and more companies can be found on Instagram. I don't believe that Instagram will become as popular as Facebook, but I do expect that popularity will only increase in the coming months.

That is partly because Instagram is so incredibly simple. Instagram is primarily a social media platform where people share images. The visual aspect of the messages on Instagram is very important.

You post a message with 1 image on Instagram. You place a maximum of 2,200 characters, of which only the first 3 lines are shown in the news overview. Just like with Facebook, it is important that you place the most important information in those first lines. Is the first paragraph shorter than 3 lines? Then Instagram only shows the first paragraph. If there is more text, users of Instagram can click on 'More' to read the rest of the text.

Where you use a maximum of 4 hashtags on Twitter, you can go crazy on Instagram with the number of hashtags with your message. There is a limit. You can add a maximum of 30 hashtags to your message. Just like on Twitter, people can search in Instagram and your article can be found based on the hashtags you use.

As far as I am concerned, the only disadvantage to Instagram is that you cannot add a clickable link to the message. You can add the link, but people cannot click on it. And even when people click on the image, they will not be redirected to your blog article. It is important that you explain how people can get to the blog article or you refer people to your profile page on Instagram, where you can add a clickable link.

4. Pinterest

Format image: image can be of any size, high images stand out in the news overview
Maximum number of characters: 500 characters
Frequency: once a day

5 ways to promote a blog Pinterest

The image on Pinterest is the most important part of your post, or as they call it on Pinterest, your 'pin'. In the description of the image you have enough space to explain what the pin is about. You can use a maximum of 500 characters in the description, but that should be more than enough to give the essence of your blog article. It is even better to use 150 to 300 characters for the message. Hashtags are also used on Pinterest so that people can search for specific words.

You can add a link to the pin. When people click on the image, they will be sent to your blog article. You thereby increase the number of visitors to your blog. You must have added a good call-to-action in the description, so that people know they can click on the image to read the blog article.

What I really like about Pinterest is the use of boards. In this way you can bundle images that belong together on a board. For example, I have a sign about Facebook Marketing and I regularly place images there to promote the blog articles about Facebook marketing.

It is important to promote your blog article multiple times on Pinterest. If you have just published the blog article, promote the blog article image on Pinterest in the same week. Later you will post the images from the blog article on Pinterest in order to get more attention for the article in the weeks that follow.

5. LinkedIn

Format image: 700 x 400 pixels
Maximum number of characters: 600 characters for an update on your company page
Frequency: a message daily or every other day, you can promote a blog article every week

5 ways to promote a LinkedIn blog

Is LinkedIn a social media platform? Hell yes! LinkedIn is really a lot more businesslike than a platform like Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Yet LinkedIn is a very good place to promote your blog articles. Keep in mind that your audience must be on LinkedIn. That actually applies to every social media platform. It makes no sense to invest time in a social media platform if your audience is not there.

You can add an update to your profile on LinkedIn or use a company page so that people can read more about your company. There are also groups on LinkedIn. See if you can find a group that is relevant to your industry, a group where you can find your audience, so that you can promote your article in that group.

I encourage you to make your messages personal, even though LinkedIn is pretty focused on a business audience. Use the 600 characters that you can use for an update, really to invite people to read your article. And make sure that your message evokes engagement. That works best by placing lists, for example an overview with some tips or like this article, 5 ways to promote your blog article on social media.

Promoting your blog article can ensure more traffic to your blog. But you have to adjust your message on every social media platform to the platform and the audience that is on that platform. Otherwise you miss out on a lot of reach and commitment.