5 tactics for a widely read blog article

5 tactics for a widely read blog article

How to Write an Awesome Blog Post in 5 Steps

You quickly open a Word file and you start typing. You do not really know where you are going with the article, but after 2 hours of hard typing there is still an article on paper. You put together some images via PicMonkey , you place the article in WordPress and you quickly click publish. Still succeeded nicely!
I know it's important not to let your followers wait for an article that doesn't appear. But it is just as important not to fray an article. Do not write blog articles purely because you have agreed with yourself the routine that a blog article must be posted! Behind every blog article there must be a reason why you wrote the article. Why is this information so valuable, what is the use of the information that you share?
I have prepared a list of 5 tactics that you must always use to write a good blog article. Print this list and keep it while you are writing. You just have to check all the points and you are done. I am sure that this will improve the quality of your blog articles. And you will get a lot more readers!

1. A clear topic

Before you even open the Word document to start writing, it is important that you first determine what your goal is with the new blog article. And maybe you should go back to why you ever started your blog.
Did you want to inform your followers about everything that is going on in the market? Do you really want to help people on their way and explain how certain things work, such as I did with the Ripl app?
How do you help people and why do people read the articles on your blog? Keep the topic of your blog simple and make sure your topic is distinctive from other blogs.

2. A good title

Spend time devising a good title. This is so incredibly important. The title of your article is the first thing people see when they search on Google or when they see your Facebook post about the latest article on your blog. The title must therefore attract attention and be so curious that people want to read the article. Realize that you really only have a few seconds for that. Don't you attract attention? Then people will not read your article.
A good title is clear, enticing and attracts attention. Imagine yourself in a kiosk where you stand in front of the magazine rack. Which articles in which magazines attract attention? Exactly, those are titles that tempt you to read the article!
With a blog it is important that you come up with titles that are also picked up when people search for information on Google. So you definitely want the main topic of the blog to be in the title.

3. The first sentence of the article

Remember that the first sentence of the article is the first thing people read. You have drawn attention with the title and now it is important that you hold the attention of the people. They must want to continue reading. The first sentence of the article must therefore be fantastic! With just a good sentence, you really can't get away.
I boost the pressure a little. You have 3-7 seconds before people decide whether to continue reading or click the article away. Do you understand why in the first sentence of the article you really have to emphasize a pain that people want to solve? Or why it is so important to clearly state what the person will get if he / she continues reading?
What do you put in the first sentence of the article? One of the things you can do is to name the pain or problem of the reader. In this blog article I started by describing a situation that may be very recognizable to you. Did you continue reading because you recognized yourself?

4. Easy to read and share

It is extremely important that your blog article is easy to read. Do you then make it very easy for the reader to share the article? There are a number of things you can do to make the article easy to read.
Make it easy to quickly scan your blog article and still understand the key points. That works best when you use headings (preferably with a larger and bold font).
Make it easier for the reader to take action at the end of the article. You do that by asking a very simple question that they can answer by leaving a comment. If your question is too complicated or too long, people need to think about it too long and tend to click away rather than respond.
Make it easy for readers to share the article on social media. If you want the traffic to your blog to increase, you also want people to share the article. This can in fact generate that extra piece of traffic. On my own blog I have a bar at the top and bottom of the article with which people can share the article on various social media platforms.

5. Read the article for yourself

Fortunately I usually work alone, because otherwise the people in my environment will sometimes think that I have gone crazy. I always read my articles aloud to myself. Why? You can easily tell if a sentence is not going well and you can correct spelling errors while reading. You also walk through the article from the beginning all the way through, so you can see if you could add an image anywhere. When reading the article you can also easily estimate whether the article is interesting for the person who is going to read it later.
The above tactics will really help you write blog articles! Always keep in mind that you do not write for yourself, but for the readers. Focus on what they want. What do they want to read more about?

Would you like to keep these 5 tactics in a checklist, so that you can use the list every time and tick when you start writing a blog article?