15 reasons to blog

15 reasons to blog

15 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

Since I started doing business online, there is one thing that has changed my business enormously, and that is blogging. With blogging I have increased my reach, but also my knowledge, my turnover and my focus.

But blogging has also changed me as a person. My first blog, in 2018, was a personal blog and over the years it has become more of a marketing tool. But it's still a story that changed me, as well as my company. And it is a kind of personal therapy and that is something I recommend to every entrepreneur.

There are a lot of reasons for entrepreneurs to blog and it may surprise you that many of those reasons are personal. Blogging not only changes your business but even more the writer.

That's why in this article 15 reasons why blogging changes and enriches your life and makes you a better person.

1. You become a better writer

Writing is communicating. It is putting your thoughts on paper and trying to convince others of these thoughts. That's why you do better by doing it, just like any other skill. You will naturally write better, every time a text comes out of your pen or keyboard. And better writing always comes in handy, whether you are writing a book, a presentation, a resume or a letter.

2. You become a better thinker

Because the writing process means that you put your thoughts on paper, the blog process encourages you to think more deeply. You dig deeper into the subject, but also in your brain, in your knowledge and in your life. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs often say that they cannot blog because they have 'nothing to say'. Then I always answer the same: maybe you just haven't discovered what you have to say. Because everyone has something beautiful and interesting to say.

3. You start to live more consciously

As soon as you start writing about your life and the thoughts that form your life, you start to think more deeply about who you are, who you want to become and how you can become that. And that should be reason enough to start.

4. You get an eye for important things

To blog you must have some sort of filter. You simply cannot write about every event or thought. That is why blogging is always choosing what is important to tell now. This process helps you develop an eye for important things. And remember that the most important things present themselves in the simplest way. When you start you will understand what I mean.

5. It leads to a healthier lifestyle

Blogging requires focus, dedication and discipline. In my opinion, these are things that everyone should have, whether you are an entrepreneur or not. They get the best out of the time that you have. Since I blog I get up earlier (this article was written at 5 a.m.) and I move more (while walking I think of the subject and the main lines of the article).

Even if you do not yet recognize focus, dedication and discipline in yourself, blogging will awaken new healthy lifestyles in you.

6. You meet new people

Whether these are people who respond to your blog, email you or social media, it will surprise you how quickly you meet new people online.

7. You earn money with it

You don't have to earn money to enjoy the benefits of blogging. In fact, this goal sometimes distracts you a lot from the pleasure of blogging. Apart from that, whether you earn 20 euros or 20,000 euros per year with it, it is always nice to do something that pays out.

8. You inspire others

Blogging not only changes your own life but also that of your readers. And because your blogs are free, it is actually a gift that you give away. It is a very valuable gift because you spend time and energy on it and share your knowledge, without asking for anything in return. That your readers are inspired is a wonderful thought.

9. You get a new perspective on life

Blogging is a matter of giving and taking. The biggest difference between blogging and publishing in a more traditional way is that blogging is a two-way street. Blogging requires input from the reader. As a writer you introduce a subject that matters to you. You take the time to explain your opinion and thoughts to the reader and the reader can respond. And often these responses give you a new perspective on the subject.

10. Blogging is free

You can start today without spending a cent. I use WordPress myself and highly recommend this free blog tool. If it costs nothing, why not give it a chance?

11. You become more famous

Whether you have 1 reader or 10000, blogging will open your life for others. It is a good way to introduce yourself to the online world. Eventually you will reveal more and more about yourself and your story and it will surprise you how many people will like your story.

12. It makes you more aware of your talent

Blogging sometimes works exactly like writing in a journal. It trains you to observe others and yourself and you will discover your talents and grow from them. That is why a blog entry can never disappear, be stolen or destroyed. This growth always remains.

13. You gain more confidence

You become aware that you and your life are important, that you have a unique view, important words and something beautiful to offer to the other.

14. Reactions make you happy

Every comment on your blog is a source of growth. Positive reactions make you happy and critical reactions make you think. Even if someone shares your blog or tweets about it, your heart will jump.

15. It gives you the chance to help

When you blog, you inspire people, you motivate them to become better and you teach them something. Nothing helps humanity more than sharing motivation, inspiration and knowledge.

Remember that your reason for blogging doesn't have to be to make money or get more followers. Your reason does not even have to be that you want to change the internet. Blogging changes your life is enough reason to start now.