11 reasons why you should blog

11 reasons why you should blog

Here are 11 things to consider before you blogging.

When I asked how many participants were blogging during my last Facebook event, I was surprised. Many people present didn't keep a blog at all. And that while blogging can be very valuable. Why? In this article I give you 11 reasons.

1. Findability in Google

Blogging is first of all interesting because you will be found faster in Google. There are various reasons for this.

Nobody knows how the Google algorithm works exactly, but the fact is that regular blogging works to score higher in the search results. Google hereby particularly looks at the content that you post. Do the keywords someone is looking for regularly appear in the article you wrote? Then the article must be interesting for the person looking for more information. Share relevant knowledge and information for your target group and do this regularly.

Google also looks at how often you publish a new article on your blog. If a new article appears regularly, then your page is interesting to show higher in the search results.

My blog finds me very well on Google, partly because I write articles on very specific topics. On average, there are 4,000 people a week who visit my blog via Google and read the articles!

2. Put yourself down as an expert

Because you write articles that are related to the knowledge and experiences you have gained, you can really present yourself as an expert. You know a lot about your field. Share all the knowledge that you have, even though it seems obvious to you.

By sharing the knowledge that may seem less relevant to you, but is very valuable to the reader, people will see what you know and will see you as an expert.

3. Reaching people without Facebook
In the Netherlands there are 9.6 million people with a Facebook profile. So there is a very large number of people without Facebook. With a blog you can still reach these people.

You may wonder whether I will get new customers based on my articles about Facebook and Facebook marketing. This is certainly the case! Just look at the articles on my blog that I wrote. By highlighting the benefits of Facebook, describing what you can do with Facebook and also giving tips on how to get the most out of your Facebook page, I try to convince people of the power of Facebook. And so I ensure that these people still choose to use Facebook as a marketing tool.

4. It keeps you sharp and you learn from it yourself

Writing a blog requires that you keep abreast of the latest developments, so that you can respond to these developments with an interesting article. I regularly try to highlight changes on Facebook, among other things, in new articles and this keeps me really sharp!

A plus of a blog is that you learn a lot from it yourself. Keeping a blog requires that you read a lot of blog articles yourself. You learn from that and it gives you ideas for new blog articles.

In addition, people will respond to your blog articles, with questions or perhaps even with feedback on the subject. You can answer the questions, which inspires confidence. By answering a question, you also come across as personal and accessible.

5. Build trust by sharing knowledge

Of course you have a website where you display products and / or services. You have written the information on this website in such a way that people will buy your product or purchase the service from you. You will probably have a page on this website where you tell something about the company and yourself. But a blog goes a step further. A blog gives you the opportunity to come across personally and share your knowledge and experiences.

As soon as you start sharing knowledge, you build trust with the reader. You then take the first major step in building a customer relationship.

6. You can lose more information in one go

People are really going to read a blog article, as opposed to Facebook posts that you create and publish. Imagine that you are waiting at the station for a friend. You quickly grab your phone to scroll through the timeline on your Facebook page. But you won't be reading a blog article on a very interesting topic in two minutes. You do this at a time to time.

That's how it works for everyone. People want to take the time to read a good blog article. It is often about a subject that they find interesting and that they want to keep their attention on. It gives you the space to give much more information.

Because someone is often scrolling on the Facebook timeline, so that he quickly goes past messages, it is very important on Facebook that you attract attention in a second. Your image must stand out in such a way that the person's thumb stops working and he or she reads the message with the image. And then it must be so nice that you get a like.

With a blog you draw someone to the article by an interesting title, a good image and a catchy description. This is possible on Facebook, but also via other channels such as Google. Then the person really takes the time to read the article!

Knowing this, I will give you another reason why it is so interesting to keep a blog. If people have come to one of your blog articles via Google and they then stay on your blog for a long time, Google will regard your blog as a valuable website. And because of this you will also score higher in the search results.

7. Give yourself a stage

How can you best give yourself a stage? That is possible via a blog. Your blog is the ideal place to tell things about yourself. In addition to sharing knowledge about your products or services, or relevant knowledge in your field, you can let people get acquainted with ... you!

8. It costs nothing and it does generate revenue

Keeping a blog doesn't actually cost you any money. Of course it takes your time and attention to write interesting blogs, but a WordPress website is completely free and you can easily keep a good blog on it. See the time you invest in a blog as an investment. Schedule a few hours each week to write blog posts. It will really be worth the investment! Partly for the reasons already mentioned above, keeping a blog will produce you. It provides you with new customers, so more sales.

9. Blogs are often shared

Blogs are very often shared on social media. The Facebook messages where I tell more about a new article that I have published are the messages with the largest reach and the most promotions.

The blog article is not only shared on social media. Other websites that regard your articles as valuable can also start sharing articles. As soon as they place a link to your article, you will get readers who really come for that article on your blog. The traffic to your website is registered and used by Google to determine the ranking in the search results.

10. A blog is dynamic, a website is passive

There is a big difference between your company website and a blog, namely that the first is static and passive and a blog is dynamic. Your company website, the place where you share your company information, will not change often. You tell who you are, what experience you have so that people know why they should choose you and your product range is displayed on the website. If you develop a new product or service, that is when you adjust the website. Furthermore, your website remains a digital business card that usually does not change much.

A blog is dynamic, which means that new information is constantly being added. As long as you naturally write new blog articles every time. A blog therefore immediately gives you the opportunity to respond well to new developments and trends. Moreover, you create a lot more interaction with a blog, because people can leave a comment directly below your article. That is also dynamic.

11. Link between Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and your company website and blog

By linking between your blog, the company website and all the different social media, you can get much more traffic to the various platforms. For example, mention that you have a blog on your website or alert people on Facebook to a new article that you have written. This way you get a lot more traffic to your website.

It works the other way around. You can place a link on your blog to your Facebook page . When people have read a blog article that they find interesting, they can quickly come to your Facebook page and give it a 'like'.

What about Twitter? Do you have a Twitter account ? Be sure to mention this on your blog so that people can follow you on Twitter! And of course also share the new articles that you have written via Twitter. That way you always reach as many people as possible.