How to choose an effective domain name for your blog

How to choose an effective domain name for your blog

Effective domain name for your blog

Choosing a domain name for your website or blog is often much harder than it seems. It is even a puzzle for most starting entrepreneurs.
So how do you choose a domain name for your blog? We try to provide answer elements to this question. In fact, here are 6 tips to help you get it right.
Warning! The goal is not to meet all criteria (it is impossible), I would like to give you some guidelines that you can take into account when choosing your domain name.

1. Choose the .com extension

When looking for a site or a blog, the vast majority of Internet users almost always start typing the extensions .com at the end instead of .net, Info. TV or another available extension. Why would you deprive yourself of this opportunity to appear before your competitors?

2. It must be fairly short

The shorter it is, the better it is. It's that simple.
A small example: you want to make a blog about work from home on the internet and you choose a name like this or
This is the kind of domain name you will never create. The fact that you are told everywhere that you must include your keywords in your domain name does not mean that you have to opt for ugliness and complications. In any case, I will not enter this domain name in my address bar.
Again, the shorter it is, the better it is.

3. Easy to pronounce and remember

A good domain name is easily transferred from one person to another. Again, it is 100 times easier to remember a relatively short domain name. So go for something easy to pronounce.

4. Avoid hyphens

This section is closely related to the second. Imagine that your domain name is: ... please tell me how you want to give it to a friend over the phone or a customer through online support.
On the phone, it gives this: "Hello, my name is Jahanzib and my domain is the technology blog dash work hosting dash home dash on dash internet point com" .A little odd, right?
For a hyphen in a domain name, you must always specify this when giving the URL of your blog to a third party. Well, I also say that a domain name with a dash cannot be good.
Only do this if your domain name contains keywords. Example: money on the internet.

5. Use keywords

Well, I know it seems a bit contradictory, but don't worry, it's not the case. For example, if you want to create a blog about installing cheap blogs, you can always choose a name such as It is short, easy to remember and contains more keywords related to the theme of the blog.
For example, you can choose the 5 main keywords that describe the theme of your blog or your niche reasonably well. Try making combinations.

6. Why not use your name

For my blog to help bloggers and anyone who wants to generate income on the internet, I have chosen a domain name that simply bears my name:

And your name is really hard to pronounce or write, you can easily choose your first name. Always choose something simple and easy to pronounce and remember. Don't worry about words, because for search engines the most important thing is the relevance of your content and not the keyword you have added to your domain name.
Ah, I forgot an important step: make sure it is available.

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