(Godaddy) Add a custom domain to Blogger (address without .blogspot)

(Godaddy) Add a custom domain to Blogger (address without .blogspot)

 Add a custom domain to Blogger

If you want to open a blog on a real website or if you want to become a professional blogger, the first thing you want is to have a custom domain so that the internet address of the site where the blog is located is of the www.technozaib . com without blogspot or other strange words.
Many people think that having a site with a custom domain is also needed to purchase a hosting and switch to a CMS in WordPress.
Nothing more wrong; you can even have a custom domain on blog platforms such as technozaib.com and Blogger.com for which you don't have to pay for server hosting .

Buying the domain means that receiving a personal address while hosting is nothing more than the online space to store the files that are part of the website, which is free in Blogger.

The purchase of a domain name does not cost much, 10 euros or less and offers a whole range of benefits, including the possibility of making money with the blog.

UPDATE: with blogger you can buy a Google Domains domain

Blogger.com is one of the most complete platforms for creating a blog that can be modified in any way.

Although it is less easy to use than Tumblr and Wordpress.com, Blogger is completely free, the online service that gives more freedom to edit, does not display external ads that do not contain paid accounts and that includes the addition of Adsense ads from Google (even Blogger is actually from Google).
Until recently, a blog with a blogspot address could directly buy a custom domain from the blog settings on the Blogger.com site by paying Google for the purchase.

By buying the domain with Google for the blog on the blog, you received, in addition to the domain address, without multiple .blogspot, a free account from Google Apps, business management applications.
Since Google has now deleted free Google Apps accounts, this has also removed the ability to quickly and directly purchase the domain for a Blogger blog.
If you want to add a custom domain to Blogger and have an address for the site, such as www.technozaib.com (not www.technozaib.blogspot.com), go to an external site and purchase the address .
Consult the guide to choose the address and name of the site to quickly find the available names.

To purchase the domain name, you can go to an Italian provider such as Aruba or POP.it or, even better, GoDaddy which is recommended by Google for Blogger and which guarantees maximum reliability.

As can be seen in the guide on how to place a website in a domain of half a second, we go to GoDaddy.com, we write the address you want to use for the blog, go ahead and buy it on the Now buy button.

Pay the required 13 Dollars with a credit card (also PostePay), fill in the information (name and surname etc.) and also confirm the registration of the management account.

Once you have the domain (the story also applies to domains already purchased in the past), you must configure it for Blogger to work .
This procedure, which was previously automatic and managed by Google itself, must now be carried out manually.

In every domain name provider (the registrar) in which you have purchased the modified site address, there is a management panel with DNS parameters that interest us.
For example, on GoDaddy.com , after logging in to the personal account, you must launch the domain control panel (domains) and then open the DNS Management section.
In GoDaddy's DNS Manager (but this applies to every other provider), to set up Blogger, you must create 4 new A records and a CNAME record.
The 4 A records (to be converted as hostname @) are:
The CNAME (alias) record must refer to ghs.google.com (as an alias to use www).
Note: with GoDaddy there is also an automatic configuration procedure for Blogger.
 Go to //www.godaddy.com/blog/bloggerdnssetup.aspx and log in and activate it to configure all parameters without having to write them manually.

Note 2: Before you perform a configuration , when accessing the Blogger settings, press Add a custom domain and then write the new address. Next, a screen opens asking you to add two CNAME: one that contains ghs.google.com and another that is itself generated by the googlehosted.com platform (without touching the A records)
Follow the instructions and links to the manuals to create the CNAME records with some domain providers.

For new domains, it is advisable to wait 24 hours before creating a configuration.

 After saving the configuration, go to Blogger to set up the custom domain .

Then open the control panel on Blogger.com, go to the basic settings and press, in the middle of the page, below where the blogspot site address is written, the link Add a custom domain - address your registered domain to your blog .

write the newly purchased address and save it.

After saving, click on the Redirect domain.com option to www.domain.com so that the blog can be reached even without writing the www .

From now on, typing the custom domain in a browser will open the blog that was previously on the Blogspot domain.

Every new post and all articles that have already been published are at the new address and there will be a redirect from type 301 to the new modified domain (avoiding indexing problems in the search engine)
Every new post and all articles that have already been published a

In case of problems, you can test the correct DNS configuration of the provider  any query contact us.


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