few steps easily create a WordPress Blog

few steps easily create a WordPress Blog

Easily create a WordPress Blog

Create your blog or any website with WordPress It is not complicated. People want you to believe it depends on the platform that you use for this I recommend you personally that word press is the best platform to easily create a blog or website.

How to proceed if you are a beginner blogger?

Don’t worries, in this article I will show you all the A to Z steps of installing your WordPress blog and another good thing that I also give you tips and tricks on choosing a domain name, finding the best WordPress themes and all adding functions with WordPress plugins. Whilst these tips you can attract many more visitors, and also earn money with your blog. 


Wordpress is a Content management system in which you can publish photo, audio, video and text data. It is designed to be easy to friendly use and this plus point to install WordPress. It does not matter that you are a beginner or a professional blogger, no HTML coding knowledge is required to create a free fully free WordPress blog….no.  it is simple and the best tool to make your website or blog.

WordPress.org versus WordPress.com

The first thing you need to know before creating your WordPress blog is to gain insight into the environment in which you will work. This is important because there is a difference between the WordPress.com platform and the self-hosted version of WordPress that is commonly called wordpress.org.

With WordPress.com ...

It is WordPress that the website hosts for you
You have less control over the files that you publish
Depending on the subscription you have, you will have daily backups, virus protection, and full blog maintenance

With WordPress.org ...

You host your website yourself, or rather, you have the choice of the web host
It is up to you to guarantee the security, backups, and maintenance of the website
You have access to millions of WordPress plug-ins, with which you can give your blog a unique side.
Personally, and if you are a beginner, I recommend the platform WordPress.com You can avoid some costs because it is the WordPress team that takes care of the technical part for you.

But if you want more control, you can choose the self-hosted version that you can download here . there are  80% of bloggers prefer this option.

Where do you start

What do you need earlier to get started? Not much, just:

A domain name

A FastComet ou SiteGround hosting account (click on one of the links if you want to save money on your monthly subscription)
The downloadable version of WordPress (completely free)
A WordPress theme (some are free, but the best pay)
Some WordPress plug-ins (I'll give you the list)

Step # 1: search for the correct domain name

The domain name is your online identity. This is the word that people type to find your blog. It must be easy to remember. Take the time to find a domain name that evokes the content of your blog. Our blog is for example called technozaib.com and the purpose of our website is to offer thousands of free resources to WordPress users to help them easily create their WordPress blog because it is the case in this guide.

Here are some characteristics of a good domain name:

It must be short (maximum 20 letters)
It must be easy to pronounce (example: technozaib, Facebook)
It must not contain too many hyphens (Www.technology-blog-with-zaib -internet.com)
Use keywords related to your activity (ex: techzaib.com)
Use your first and last name if you have no precise idea (ex: jhangash.com)
For more information, I invite you to read the following article: How to choose an effective domain name for your blog

Do not try to have the perfect domain name from the beginning, otherwise, you will search for days and you will be frustrated not to find a domain that everyone will love. Also, don't try to have all your keywords in the domain name. This is not the domain name that will give your SEO blog, NO. Only high-quality content, which is regularly published, allows you to have thousands of visitors to your blog.

Tip: write 10 domain names or more and keep the 2 best for you. Your ideal domain name is one of these two domain names.

web hosting

Once you have found your domain name, it is time to find a web hosting service. I personally recommend FastComet or SiteGround. Whichever you choose, you are sure of a quality service.

Here are the common points between these companies:
They are world-famous companies with a good experience
Hundreds of thousands of bloggers use their services every day
Their interface is user-friendly and easy to use, so as a beginner you shouldn't have any problems
If you encounter a problem, you can always count on excellent customer service available 24/7
The servers are efficient, so your blog can be loaded quickly
Prices are incredibly very low
The domain name is free
You are satisfied or reimbursed

Step # 2: create your WordPress blog

For this self-study we will use FastComet it is the cheapest of them all, it is also the one that offers 5-star customer service. Click here to visit FastComet
To get started, go to the FastComet website and click on thegray button » SEE PLANS ".
If for some reason you don't see it, simply scroll down the page and see the different offers and their price.
Generally, I recommend beginners to order the cheapest plan, namely the "StartSmart". It makes no sense to take a more expensive plan when you start or if your blog or other type of website that you want to create does not generate more than 25,000 visits/months.

Le ScareRight is for people who want to create platforms for e-learning, dating or even mini-social networks. And if you want a faster website, take the Accelerate.

Click on for more information about the contents of each plan. See complete comparison. Make your choice in any case based on your needs. After making your full selection, click on the "Start now" button.

 Step # 3: Order your domain name

Now that you have selected your web hosting plan, it is time to register your domain name. As mentioned earlier, with FastComet your domain name is free for life. No other provider offers such a service.

Enter your domain name without adding the extension, because you can choose it in the section to the right of the form. For example, use " technozaib" instead oftechnozaib.com because the .com is already selected to the right of the form.

After the domain name has been entered, click on the green "Use this domain" button and you will be redirected to the next step.

On the next page, leave "I am a new customer" checked because you are not yet a FastComet customer.

Enter the required information.

Enter the required information.

In the Billing Cycle section, have the second "12 months" option checked.

 You can also choose the "Domain Privacy" option if you do not want others to see the domain name owner by performing a WHOIS search.

Then go to the "Configuration options" section to choose a server whose location is close to your country or that of your readers (for storing your data). This is important because if you are in France, with a server in France or in a neighboring country, the site loads faster than if the same server were in the US.
 Finally, add your credit card details or choose the Paypal option if you want to use this payment method.
After you have made the payment, you will be automatically redirected to your FastComet customer area. Now that the hosting account has been set up, you can now install your WordPress blog.

If for any reason you are not automatically redirected to your FastComet hosting account, use the following link https://my.fastcomet.com/ to access the login page.
Enter your login details on the login page and you will be redirected to your customer zone.

Once connected, click on the second icon with the title "Products" , and then "My Products" .

then click on "View Details" and you will be redirected to the application management page.

then click on "Applications"

And then "Install new"

Before the installation is completed, FastComet will ask you to provide an email address, username, and password for your WordPress blog. This information is useful for connecting to the WordPress dashboard (administrator management space).

Click on "Install Application"

Your WordPress blog is now installed and the IDs have been sent to your mailbox.

 You can now connect to your WordPress blog ...

 Now that you are connected to your blog, it's time to install your first WordPress theme.

Step # 4: How to install and customize your WordPress theme

At the moment it is important to note that there are two types of WordPress themes:

the gratuits and Premium ( paying ).

Option # 1: Free WordPress themes
Where can you find free WordPress themes?
Free WordPress themes are good for starters if you are a novice blogger, unfortunately, they still miss many features that only a paid theme offers.

To install a free theme, go to the black menu of your dashboard on the left side of the screen -> click "Appearance" then "Themes" and finally "Add". On the new page, place the mouse pointer on an image and click "Glimpse" to preview the theme.

 After you have made your choice, just click on "Install", and then "Activate" and there you are. Your new WordPress theme is finally installed and ready for use. Go to personalize it to Apparence -> Personalize.

 If you have purchased a premium theme:

go to Appearance » Themes
Click on "Upload a theme"
Choose the zip file for your theme on your computer and click on install
Activate your theme and that's it!
You might ask: Why should I install a paid theme when WordPress has thousands of free themes?

The answer is simple because, in contrast to free themes, Premium WordPress themes offer the following benefits:

  • They are more complete
  • They are updated regularly
  • They offer help
  • They are also used by more than 97% of people who have profitable blogs
# 2 option: save a lot of time and give your blog a better design with a Premium WordPress theme
Here are some good places to purchase premium WordPress themes:

Theme Forest: It is the best platform in the world to find WordPress themes for your blog. Click here to be redirected directly to the topic category for blogs and ezines.

ElegantThemes: Discover DIVI, the best WordPress theme to create any type of blog or website for individuals and companies. The site currently offers a 20% discount.

Here are some themes that I recommend

  1. Newspaper
  2. SimpleMag
  3. Bluchic
  4. Newsmag
  5. cheerup
  6. Florence
  7. publisher
  8. Valenti
After your WordPress theme is purchased and unpacked, go to the black menu of your dashboard on the left side of the screen -> click "Appearance" then "Themes" and finally click on Upload a theme on the new page,

Step # 5: Install WordPress plug-ins to add features to your blog

Although themes control the look of your website, WordPress plug-ins allow them to add extra features to your blog.

With WordPress plug-ins you can, for example, add a contact form, a social sharing button, an online store, an e-learning system and much more. WordPress has even become popular thanks to plug-ins.

Where can you find WordPress plug-ins?
Regarding WordPress themes, you have the choice between free and paid WordPress plug-ins.

WordPress offers an official folder more than 1 million WordPress plug-ins that you can install directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Premium plug-ins
I recommend the platforms below:

To help you easily find the right plug-ins, the ones used by the most successful bloggers, here is a secret list:

How to install a WordPress plug-in
After you find a WordPress plug-in that you like, you can install it as follows:

Go to the extensions section → add a new one

If you have found a plug-in on WordPress.org
Type the name of the plug-in in the search form
Click on install now
Wait until WordPress installs the plug-in and then click on activate

If you have purchased a Premium plug-in:

go to extensions » ajouter
Upload an  extension and upload the ZIP file
Activate your plug-in and that's all

You currently have a fully functional WordPress blog. And if you use the above list of plug-ins, you have everything you need to develop your blog, attract visitors, and make money with your WordPress site.