Facebook advertisements with a small budget

How to create successful Facebook advertisements with a small budget

How to Run Facebook Advertising on a Small Budget

Do you also find it so frustrating to read articles about advertising on Facebook and to see advertising costs of 'only' € 500 or € 1,000 per month? Sometimes it is pretended that that is really nothing! While you may have just started as an independent entrepreneur and you actually reserved € 1,000 for the whole year!
I also started small with Facebook. I thought it was quite a big risk to start my own business in Facebook marketing. In the end I started investing, also in the Facebook ads. It has brought me a lot of success, without investing thousands of euros per month in the beginning.
You don't have to have a large marketing budget to create successful Facebook ads. Many advertisers immediately start creating a target group based on geographical data and interests. But it is much cheaper to advertise for a target group that you already know and the conversion is higher!
Based on my knowledge and own experience, I have listed 5 strategies in this article. Apply this quickly and discover how you can achieve more results even with a small budget!

1. First show ads to your fans

Who are your fans? Those are the people who have already liked your page. These are the people who already know you and who will probably buy something from you. Maybe they have already done that! People who like your page do this to follow you and certainly your offer. That is why it is a very good idea to bring your offer to the attention of these people. It could just be the last push they need to order something from you!. This way you ensure that Facebook only shows the advertisement to the people for whom the offer is relevant.

2. Create a customized target group to reach the people you already know

Would you like to reach your current customers, but not sure if they are on Facebook? On Facebook you can create a target group based on the list of e-mail addresses, a so-called custom target group. Facebook shows the advertisement to people who have an account on Facebook with the email address in your list. This is a fantastic way to approach the people you already know and are interested in what you offer.

3. The trick of a blog

Keeping a blog can be really great for the visibility of you and your positioning as an expert. But also when it comes to Facebook ads, keeping a blog is very valuable. You now think: how does that work?

On your blog you naturally place articles on various topics, all related to your product or service. Would you like the people who are interested in certain topics to see Facebook ads? You can do that by using the Facebook Pixel!

It is best to start writing a new article, preferably about something new and something related to your product or service. Install a Facebook pixel on the page of this new article. The Facebook pixel records which people with a Facebook account have visited the page with the blog article. Then create an advertisement with the product or service that is related to the blog article. You use the information from the Facebook pixel to show the advertisement to the people who have read the blog article.

You could even go one step further. Use the information from the Facebook pixel to create a customized target group. You show the advertisement not only to the people who have read the blog article, but also to the people who have not even been to the page. In doing so, Facebook of course makes sure that it is people who look like the readers of the article, for example by looking at the same interests.

I have applied this myself regularly and this has made my target audience many times larger! And it did not stop with the size of the target group. Because you show your advertisement to specific Facebook users in a targeted manner, the costs of the advertisement remain much lower and the chance of a higher conversion is much greater!

4. Promote your most popular messages

Are you tempted to promote the messages that don't go very well? Do you hope through promotion that more people will respond and that there will be more conversion? Somehow I understand that. You naturally hope that the promotion will give the message that extra boost that will make it run smoothly. Unfortunately, it often doesn't work.

It is unlikely that a message that doesn't get many organic responses will be successful if you promote it. If you want to promote an existing message, I would very much recommend that you choose a message that is already going well. A message that already gets a lot of likes, is often shared and to which people respond.

To see which messages are going well, go to the statistics of your Facebook page. Then click on 'Messages' in the column on the left. As soon as you click on the 'Range' column, Facebook sorts the messages based on the range, with the message with the most range at the top. To promote the message, click on 'Promote' behind the message.

5. Optimize your ads for most clicks and conversion

Whether you invest € 10 or € 100 in your advertisement, you want to make sure that you invest your money as effectively as possible. You want your ad to be optimized in such a way that it will produce real results. You want the advertisement to make people follow your Facebook page or even decrease the offer.

I have a few tips to optimize your add:

  •  Send the people to the landing page you created for the offer. NEVER send people to your homepage of the website. The advertisement is about what you have on offer. You want to make it as easy as possible for the people to purchase. You do that by bringing people directly to the right page. Do you have a free giveaway? Then make sure that after clicking on the advertisement, people come directly to the place to leave their e-mail address, with which they receive the giveaway.
  • I mentioned it earlier in this article, the Facebook Pixel. Use the Facebook pixel on the landing page that you have created. Preferably on the thank you page where people come once they have left their e-mail address. You will of course not use this information to show people an advertisement again. This information tells you which ads are going well and which are not! And so you can test the ads.
  • Provide a very good image for the advertisement. For example, research has shown that a smiling woman works very well. Such an image usually provides a lot of reach and conversion. I am completely excited by bright and cheerful colors. Fortunately that always works very well for my ads! Or use an image that you are almost certain that people will respond to or click on.
  • Keep testing as much as possible until you are really sure which ads work well for you. But even afterwards it is good to regularly test whether a different color combination, call-to-action or text works.

I hope with these 5 strategies I have shown that you really don't have to have a large marketing budget to make successful Facebook ads. The trick is to make a good advertisement and show it to the right people.