Extra keyboards for iOS

Extra keyboards for iOS

Keyboards for iOS

You can replace the standard keyboard in iOS with an alternative one. This is very easy by installing an app that offers one or more keyboards. This way you can easily expand the functionality of your iPad or iPhone.

IOS (of course) has an excellent usable virtual screen keyboard as standard. However, additional functions included in some other keyboards realized by apps can sometimes come in handy. For example, you could install the Parrea Penreader app. You can then choose as a 'keyboard' for written input, as you might know from the old handhelds from days gone by. Or grab the (free) GboardGoogle keyboard that offers some extras compared to the standard keyboard. For example, you can search quickly via Google without having to leave the keyboard. There are also more frivolous and colorful replacement keyboards in the App Store. The method is similar to being able to use them. First, download and install the app that supplies the keyboard. After installation - and that is often indicated nicely at the first start of the app - open Settings. Find the app that you have just installed, tap it, and then tap Keyboards. Then switch on the switch behind the keyboard offered, in our example Gboard. Also, put the switch behind Give full access. Keep in mind that - as iOS itself also warns - the creator of the app basically has access to everything you tap on his or her keyboard. Malicious app makers could read with impunity. Not a pleasant thought! So only install keyboards from well-known makers. And read the fine print of the terms of use. It is also not unwise to only switch on the aforementioned switches with occasional use of the alternative keyboard when you are actually going to use it.

Select keyboard

You can switch between keyboards by tapping the globe in the standard iOS virtual keyboard. Each tap shows a different keyboard. Incidentally, iOS itself also has alternative keyboards, for example, copies optimized for a specific language. There is also the emoji keyboard that is activated by default, which opens after tapping the globe once or more. To do this, start the Settings app and, under General, tap Keyboard and then Keyboards. Tap Add keyboard and choose German from the list under OTHER IPAD KEYPADS (for example). You can now easily create language-specific characters by holding down a key. You will find alternative keyboards in the same list of keyboards under the heading THIRD-PARTY KEYPADS that may have been supplied with an app that was already installed. Even then, you must tap the added alternative and then use the switch to grant full access. So consider before you begin. In the case of a reliable app, an extra virtual keyboard can be a blessing!