Bluetooth on your iPhone, but now really

Bluetooth on your iPhone, but now really

Bluetooth on your iPhone

Also in iOS 11 on your iPhone is (of course) an option to turn off Bluetooth. But unfortunately the most obvious does not ensure a permanent shutdown. This requires a different method.
Bluetooth is a wireless communication method for a short distance. It works at relatively low speeds but is sufficient for streaming (compressed) audio to, for example, a wireless headset. In addition, Apple uses it for AirDrop, a technology to quickly transfer data from one I devise to another via WiFi and Bluetooth. Consider for example a set of photos or something similar. Also, macOSnowadays participates in Airdrop, but that aside. What matters is that Bluetooth is used quite often. And possibly remains unnoticed. That's a shame because it only costs precious energy from your battery. And you also run a risk of Bluetooth hackers. Switching off when not in use is, therefore, a logical idea. The most obvious method is where you swipe up from the bottom edge of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad screen. You will then see the 'control center' appear. Including an inviting Bluetooth button. If Bluetooth is on, you can switch it off with this. Just kidding.

Really out

Strangely enough, Apple thinks that you accidentally turned off Bluetooth in the control panel. The next day in the morning it is automatically switched on again to correct your 'mistake'. Annoying, because this is of course rather unexpected behavior. Fortunately,  a solution to this problem. Start the Settings app and, under Bluetooth, permanently disable this option with the appropriate switch. However, keep an eye on the status bar of your I device. Some functions - such as the AirDrop already mentioned - automatically switch on Bluetooth. You must then switch off again via the Settings app.