8 Facebook marketing tips

8 Facebook marketing tips

Smart and Easy Facebook Marketing Tips

Does your company also have a fan page on Facebook? Here are 8 marketing tips to get even more out of it:

1. Give people a reason to 'like'. Seduce them to click on the 'I like' button by offering them something fun. A free e-book, a discount coupon or free tips.

2. Ask questions that show that you are interested in your fans. Make sure they are fun to answer.
Make it a question that is easy and quick to answer and that provides answers that are fun for others to read.

3. Use images in your updates. Almost all people are visually oriented and an image brightens everyone's timeline.

4. Involve your fans in your company. Share joy and success with them. No chest-beating but for example a milestone, an anniversary, an employee who excels, a new product.

5. Post on Friday. Research has shown that Pakistani people are the most active on Facebook on Friday.

6. Activate your fans. Your crowd of fans on Facebook is a club, not a list. Give them special inside information, ask their opinion about your new idea or product. Do something with the feedback you receive and tell what you have done with it.

7. Organize a competition. The Wildfire application can help you with this.

8. Check and anticipate your fan page statistics.


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