5 handy tips for your Facebook page

5 handy tips for your Facebook page

Tips for your Facebook page

In this article I give you 5 ways to improve messages on your Facebook page and make them stand out. Nowadays it is not easy to bring your page and your messages to the attention. Stand out in the news overview of your fans starts with good messages.

1. Photos

The ideal width of a photo on the timeline of your page is 504 pixels, but the ideal size to upload is 1200 x 1200 pixels. Facebook automatically places it in its full width. You can vary the length, but not the width. If the image is exactly 504 pixels wide, it is fully displayed on the timeline and nothing falls away. If the photo is narrower, the empty space will be filled by Facebook, as you can see in this image. The left message is exactly 504 pixels wide, the right one is too narrow.

2. Photo albums

It is a good idea to create photo albums on your page. For example of products or events. When you have created and filled the album, it will be shown on your timeline. You can then change the primary photo, the photo that is prominently displayed.

3. Antidate a message

You can date a message on your timeline in the past. This can be useful if you want to fill your timeline with important moments in your company. The timeline of a page should display messages that illustrate the character and history of the company. You don't always want to push those messages directly under the nose of your fans. A message dated in the past is not shown on the news overview of your fans. This is also useful if you create a hidden message that you want to advertise with later. I will further explain this strategy at the Facebook event . It is an interesting advertising tactic that will save you a lot of money.

4. Secure a message at the top 

If you want a message to be displayed at the top of your page for a while, you can lock that message. This can be useful if, for example, you organize an event or do a promotion. A kind of clip is then placed in the top right of the message. If you no longer want to display the message at the top, choose 'detach from top'.

5. Make a message stand out

A message stands out more if you make it a 'highlight'. The message is then prominently displayed in full width.

Update: technology 5 is unfortunately no longer possible on your Facebook page since 2016